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Journal Article 2016 Dixon, Boyd Okinawa as transported landscape: understanding Japanese archaeological remains on Tinian using Ryūkyū ethnohistory and ethnography Asian Perspectives (2015) [Dixon, 2016 #26845]
Journal Article 2015 Dixon, Boyd Review of <i>Ancient Ryūkyū: An Archaeological Study of Island Communities</i> Asian Perspectives (2014) [Dixon, 2015 #27925]
Journal Article 2013 Dixon, Boyd The archaeology of World War II Japanese stragglers on the island of Guam and the Bushido code Asian Perspectives (2012) [Dixon, 2013 #28243]
Journal Article 1995 Dixon, Boyd Community growth and <i>heiau</i> construction: possible evidence of political hegemony at the site of Kaunolu, Lana'i, Hawai'i Asian Perspectives (1995) [Dixon, 1995 #32835]
Journal Article 1999 Dixon, Boyd Risk minimization and the traditional <i>Ahupua'a</i> in Kahikinui, Island of Maui, Hawai'i Asian Perspectives (1999) [Dixon, 1999 #32766]