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Journal Article 1987 Goodway, Martha Quenched high-tin bronzes from the Philippines Archeomaterials [Goodway, 1987 #35622]
Journal Article 1961 Conklin, Harold C. The study of shifting cultivation Current Anthropology [Conklin, 1961 #27879]
Journal Article 1967 Conklin, Harold C. Ifugao ethnobotany 1905-1965: the 1911 Beyer-Merrill report in perspective Economic Botany [Conklin, 1967 #27888]
Journal Article 1953 Conklin, Harold C. Buhid pottery Journal of East Asiatic Studies [Conklin, 1953 #34837]
Book Section 1963 Conklin, Harold C. The Oceanian-African hypotheses and the sweet potato Plants and the migrations of Pacific peoples: a symposium [Conklin, 1963 #24374]
Book 1980 Conklin, Harold C. Ethnographic atlas of Ifugao: a study of environment, culture, and society in northern Luzon [Conklin, 1980 #21148]
Book 1957 Conklin, Harold C. Hanunoo agriculture: a report on an integral system of shifting cultivation in the Philippines [Conklin, 1957 #21149]