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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Journal Article 1986 Chang, Te-Tzu Crop history and genetic conservation: rice -- a case study Iowa State Journal of Research [Chang, 1986 #29896]
Journal Article 1987 Chang, Te-Tzu The impact of rice on human civilization and population expansion Interdisciplinary Science Review [Chang, 1987 #29895]
Book Section 1977 Chang, Te-Tzu The rice cultures The Early History of Agriculture: a Joint Symposium of the Royal Society and the British Academy [Chang, 1977 #23894]
Journal Article 1988 Chang, Te-Tzu The ethnobotany of rice in insular Southeast Asia Asian Perspectives (1984-1985) [Chang, 1988 #33042]
Journal Article 1976 Chang, Te-Tzu The rice cultures Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences [Chang, 1976 #35864]
Book Section 1976 Chang, Te-Tzu Rice Evolution of crop plants [Chang, 1976 #25179]
Book Section 1980 Lu, Jonathan Rice in its temporal and spatial perspective Rice: production and utilization [Lu, 1980 #25147]
Book Section 1978 Chang, Te-Tzu The origins and early cultures of the cereal grains and food legumes The origins of Chinese civilization [Chang, 1978 #25070]