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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book Section 1991 Casson, Lionel Ancient naval technology and the route to India Rome and India: the ancient sea trade [Casson, 1991 #23398]
Journal Article 1988 Casson, Lionel Rome's maritime trade with the Far East American Neptune [Casson, 1988 #29904]
Book 1989 Casson, Lionel The Periplus Maris Erythraei: text with introduction, translation, and commentary [Casson, 1989 #20704]
Journal Article 1980 Casson, Lionel Rome's trade with the east: the sea voyage to Africa and India Transactions of the American Philological Society [Casson, 1980 #29905]
Book 1971 Casson, Lionel Ships and seamanship in the ancient world [Casson, 1971 #20706]
Book 1984 Casson, Lionel Ancient trade and society [Casson, 1984 #20705]