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Journal Article 1986 Begley, Vemala Rouletting and chattering: a decoration on ancient and present day pottery in India Expedition [Begley, 1986 #29959]
Journal Article 1988 Begley, Vemala Rouletted ware at Arikamedu: a new approach American Journal of Archaeology [Begley, 1988 #29958]
Journal Article 1996 Begley, Vemala New investigations at the port of Arikamedu Journal of Roman Archaeology [Begley, 1996 #29957]
Book Section 1986 Begley, Vemala From Iron Age to Early Historical in South Indian archaeology Studies in the archaeology of India and Pakistan [Begley, 1986 #23939]
Book Section 1991 Begley, Vemala Ceramic evidence for pre-Periplus trade on the Indian coasts Rome and India: the ancient sea trade [Begley, 1991 #23938]
Book (Edited) 1991 Begley, Vemala Rome and India: the ancient sea trade [Begley, 1991 #21523]
Book 1993 Begley, Vemala The ancient port of Arikamedu: new excavations and researches, 1989-1992 [Begley, 1993 #20753]
Journal Article 1983 Begley, Vemala Arikamedu reconsidered American Journal of Archaeology [Begley, 1983 #29960]