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Journal Article Westaway, K. E. Age and biostratigraphic significance of the Punung rainforest fauna, East Java, Indonesia, and implications for Pongo and Homo [Westaway, #27710]
Journal Article 2006 Huffman, O.F. Relocation of the 1936 Mojokerto skull discovery site near Perning, East Java Journal of Human Evolution [Huffman, 2006 #27814]
Journal Article 2010 Brumm, A. Stone technology at the Middle Pleistocene site of Mata Menge, Flores, Indonesia Journal of Archaeological Science [Brumm, 2010 #27867]
Journal Article 1999 Morwood, M. J. Archaeological and palaeontological research in central Flores, east Indonesia: results of fieldwork 1997-98 Antiquity [Morwood, 1999 #29195]
Journal Article 1997 Morwood, M. J. Stone artefacts from the 1994 excavation at Mata Menge, West Central Flores, Indonesia Australian Archaeology [Morwood, 1997 #29194]