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Journal Article 2023 Maloney, Tim Ryan Socieconomic roles of Holocene marine shell beads reveal the daily life of composite objects from East Kalimantan, Borneo [Maloney, 2023 #37233]
Journal Article 2021 Brumm, Adam Do Pleistocene rock paintings depict Sulawesi warty pigs (Sus celebensis) with a domestication character? Archaeology in Oceania [Brumm, 2021 #37113]
Journal Article 2021 Brumm, Adam Skeletal remains of a Pleistocene modern human (Homo sapiens) from Sulawesi Plos One [Brumm, 2021 #37100]
Journal Article 2022 Maloney, Tim Ryan A late Pleistocene to Holocene archaeological record from East Kalimantan, Borneo Quaternary Science Reviews [Maloney, 2022 #37089]
Journal Article 2022 Maloney, Tim Ryan Making impact: Towards discovering early projectile technology in Island South East Asian archaeology Archaeological Research in Asia [Maloney, 2022 #37087]
Journal Article 2019 Aubert, Maxime Earliest hunting scene in prehistoric art Nature [Aubert, 2019 #19009]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Taçon, Paul S. C. The contemporary importance and future of Sulawesi's ancient rock art The Archaeology of Sulawesi [Taçon, 2018 #25327]
Journal Article 2018 Curnoe, Darren Rare Late Pleistocene-early Holocene human mandibles from the Niah Caves (Sarawak, Borneo) PLOS One [Curnoe, 2018 #26728]
Journal Article 2018 Brumm, Adam A reassessment of the early archaeological record at Leang Burung 2, a late Pleistocene rock-shelter site on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi PLOS One [Brumm, 2018 #26770]
Journal Article 2017 Aubert, Maxime The timing and nature of human colonization of Southeast Asia in the Late Pleistocene: a rock art perspective Current Anthropology [Aubert, 2017 #26903]