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Type Year Authors Title Source ID
Book 2007 Adi Haji Taha Archaeology of Ulu Kelantan [Adi 2007 #19799]
Journal Article 1987 Adi Haji Taha Recent archaeological discoveries in peninsular Malaysia (1983-1985) Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society [Adi 1987 #29361]
Journal Article 1988 Adi Haji Taha Penyelidikan arkeologi di Kota Balai, Jerantut, Pahang - Laporan Awal Jurnal Arkeologi Malaysia [Adi 1988 #31539]
Journal Article 1989 Adi Haji Taha Archaeological, prehistoric, protohistoric and historic study of the Tembeling Valley, Pahang west Malaysia Jurnal Arkeologi Malaysia [Adi 1989 #31535]
Journal Article 1990 Adi Haji Taha A preliminary report on archaeological research and excavation at Gua Kelawar, Sungai Siput, Perak Jurnal Arkeologi Malaysia [Adi 1990 #31530]
Book Section 1993 Adi Haji Taha Archaeology in Malaysia Récentes recherches en archéologie en Thaïlande [Adi 1993 #24413]
Journal Article 1985 Adi Haji Taha The re-excavation of the rockshelter of Gua Cha, Ulu Kelantan, West Malaysia Federation Museums Journal, New Series [Adi 1985 #35946]
Journal Article 1987 Adi Haji Taha Archaeology in peninsular Malaysia: past, present and future Journal of Southeast Asian Studies [Adi 1987 #35906]