Philly Signs

Deaf Stories

Storytelling is an important part of Deaf communities and culture. It is how language, culture, and deaf people's histories are shared across generations.

The following Deaf Stories were generously shared with us in our efforts to document and preserve Philadelphia ASL and Deaf community history.

Future plans and goals in Deaf rights

Driving Test Miscommunication

Learning ASL From Deaf Peers

Old Philadelphia signs vs. new Philadelphia signs

PSD as a social opportunity

A Good Friend

Deaf at Passover Pt. 1

Deaf at Passover Pt. 2

First Time at PSD

Regional Variation Between Philly and MSSD

Deaf in the War Effort - Part 1

Deaf in the War Effort - Part 2

Deaf Family Advantage

Change-Upset Confusion

Getting Accustomed to PSD

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