Woolley's Grave Cards


This collection contains field cards written by Sir Leonard Woolley during his excavations of the cemetery of Ur.

Woolley employed shorthand codes for efficient note-taking. Following a system developed by Dr. William Bradley Hafford of the University of Pennsylvania, the shorthand has been preserved in the transcriptions. By adhering as closely as possible to the text of the original documents, we ensure that future interpretation relies on the original source, rather than a translation. Dr. Hafford's key is useful in in deciphering Woolley's shorthand:

- = the
t = that
tr = there
h = has
w = with
o = of
v = very
wch = which
cd = could
wd = would

Collection Items



pg 602 (2)

6) light drab clay vase
rim 008 ht 009
common type [drawing (artifact: pot) labeled: CLXXXV]

7) greenish drab clay [drawing (artifact: pot) labeled: CLI]

8) light drab clay
ht 030 rim 0105 base 009
[drawing (artifact: pot)…

pg 603

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