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Ref ID: 36670
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Borell, Brigitte
Title: Gold coins from Khlong Thom
Date: 2017
Source: Journal of the Siam Society
Abstract: The starting point of this paper is an unusual type of gold coin found at Khlong Thom in southern peninsular Thailand. At present, three examples of this coin type are known. One side shows a head in profile, the other side is inscribed in Indian Brāhmī script. Previously misidentified as Roman or Indo-Roman, this coin type is discussed in detail and set into context with other small gold coins with conch motif, also found at Khlong Thom. These appear to be linked to the coins with profile head, representing lower denominations of the same weight standard. It is argued here that these coins with the conch motif, as well as those with the profile head and Brāhmī inscription, are a locally produced coinage. They throw a new light on the role of the ancient site of Khlong Thom, and might contribute to a re-evaluation of the site as an influential centre for trade in the early historic period.
Volume: 105
Page Start: 151
Page End: 177