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Ref ID: 34549
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Price, T. Douglas
Blitz, Jennifer
Burton, James H.
Ezzo, Joseph A.
Title: Diagenesis in prehistoric bone: problems and solutions
Date: 1992
Source: Journal of Archaeological Science
DOI: 10.1016/0305-4403(92)90026-Y
Abstract: Post-depositional chemical alteration, or diagenesis, in prehistoric human bone is the major problem in the use of trace element analyses for dietary reconstruction. Following a review of recent studies of diagenesis, we discuss means for evaluating post-depositional chemical change in bone and for removing such contaminants. Three different procedures are described which reflect current efforts to evaluate and reduce the effects of diagenesis. These include (1) mechanical cleaning, (2) chemical cleaning through acid washing and (3) washing with a reducing agent. These procedures usually remove major contaminants, leaving significant potential of trace element analyses for the investigation of past diet.
Date Created: 7/5/2001
Volume: 19
Number: 5
Page Start: 513
Page End: 529