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Ref ID: 33310
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Kaneko, Erika
Title: Robert von Heine-Geldern: 1885-1968
Date: 1972
Source: Asian Perspectives (1970)
Abstract: Professor Dr. Robert von Heine-Geldern, born 16 July 1885 in Grub, Lower Austria, died in Vienna the morning of 26 May 1968 while, as usual, he was getting ready to go to the Institute of Ethnology. Like most of his contemporaries in Austria, Heine-Geldern's grounding was classical. His first scientific interests were in the field of art history, which at the time included archaeology. To understand and appreciate the contributions of tis erudite scholar, one may wish to recapitulate some of the key concepts and methodological principles that guided him throughout his scientific life.
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Volume: 13
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