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Ref ID: 32863
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Underhill, Anne P.
Title: Variations in settlements during the Longshan Period of northern China
Date: 1994
Source: Asian Perspectives (1994)
Abstract: This paper analyzes and synthesizes variation in settlements during the Longshan Period of the Huanghe River valley, c. 2600-1900 B.C. Large, walled sites that were probably centers of settlement hierarchies have been found in several areas. There is variation in date of construction, size, kinds of structures present, remains of craft production, and kinds of prestige goods. Differences in site function may be represented. I suggest methods that archaeologists could use to investigate the development of sociopolitical complexity in the Huanghe River valley involving changes in architectural features and in regional settlement patterns. These methods require detailed information on internal settlement organization and data from systematic regional survey. For houses at two sites, wall construction material and floor size are examined in an effort to investigate change in status differentiation over time.
Date Created: 12/28/2002
Volume: 33
Number: 2
Page Start: 197
Page End: 228