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Ref ID: 32715
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Lu, Tracey Lie-Dan
Title: A Green Foxtail (<i>Setaria viridis</i>) cultivation experiment in the middle Yellow River Valley and some related issues
Date: 2002
Source: Asian Perspectives (2002)
Abstract: Green foxtail, the progenitor of foxtail millet, was domesticated in the Yellow River Valley by 8000 B.P. However, the domestication process is not known. Hence a cultivation experiment was conducted in 1999 and 2000. Although biological change indicative of domestication is usually not manifest in two years, this experiment provides information relevant to the origin of millet farming, sedentism and farming, and the Neolithic tools used for millet farming in the Yellow River Valley.
Date Created: 12/28/2002
Volume: 41
Number: 1
Page Start: 1
Page End: 14