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Ref ID: 32405
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Van der Heijden, E.
Boon, J. J.
Rasmussen, S.
Rudolph, H.
Title: Spagnum acid and its decarboxylation product isopropenylphenol as biomarkers for fossilised sphagnum in peats
Date: 1997
Source: Ancient Biomolecules
Abstract: Investigates the preservation of sphagnum acid in microscopically selected peatified and fossilised sphagnum tissues. Indepth looks at the sphagnum species
Composition of bog peat
Findings of studies conducted
Methodology used in study.
Date Created: 7/21/2003
Volume: 1
Number: 2
Page Start: 93
Page End: 107