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Ref ID: 30843
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Trinh Sinh,
Title: Qua nhung lan thuc nghiem duc trong dong [ From experiments of casting of bronze drums]
Date: 1996
Source: Khao Co Hoc
Language: Vietnamese
Notes: Diacriticals from original publication not included
Abstract: English summary on page 52 as follows: From experiences of the previous experiments of casting of Dong Son drums and from the remains left on the bodies of drums, together with data of their chemical analyses, the author comes to conclusion of typical technological features of casting bronze drums. 1. The ancient people used alloy of four elementsto cast most of Dong Son drums: copper, lead, tin, and arsenic. 2. the ancient people used a system of wedges made of copper, sometimes the number was hundreds, to keep the mould from moving when bronze was being poured. These technological features are very useful for experimental casting of those fine drums as Ngoc Lu one in future.
Date Created: 6/6/2004
Page Start: 42
Page End: 52