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Ref ID: 29317
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Veth, Peter
Hiscock, Peter
O'Connor, Susan
Spriggs, Matthew
Title: Gallus on the crossroads: diffusionist models for Asian artefact 'traditions' in Australia and the last hurrah for cultural evolutionism
Date: 1998
Source: Artefact
Abstract: Alexander Gallus’s arguments about the connection between Australia and the rest of the world are examined. It is our contention that in retrospect his views represented a version of simple cultural evolutionism and human psychic unity, akin to models employed toward the end of the nineteenth century. We summarise available archaeological information to refute both simple diffusionist and evolutionist models claiming similar trends for both assemblage composition and artifact type from Australia and South-east Asia during the terminal Pleistocene.
Date Created: 11/24/2008
Volume: 21
Page Start: 14
Page End: 18