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Ref ID: 27985
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: Plutniak, Sébastien
Oktaviana, Adhi Agus
Sugiyanto, Bambang
Chazine, Jean-Michel
Ricault, François-Xavier
Title: New ceramic data from East Kalimantan: the cord-marked and red-slipped sherds of Liang Abu's layer 2 and Kalimantan's pottery chronology
Date: 2014
Source: Journal of Pacific Archaeology
Abstract: Archaeological research in the Liang Abu rock shelter (East Kalimantan) led to the discovery and analysis of a pottery assemblage including red-slipped, cord-marked and incised pottery sherds, radiocarbon dated to 1672±21 BP and 1524 ± 22 BP. In order to discuss our findings we undertake a reappraisal of the pottery material and associated radiocarbon dates from archaeological sites on Borneo Island, which provide us with an appropriate framework for a comparative analysis. Tis allows us to to include the inland region of Kalimantan in the technological network of Neolithic Island South East Asia.
Date Created: 3/19/2015
Volume: 5
Number: 1
Page Start: 90
Page End: 99