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Ref ID: 26957
Ref Type: Journal Article
Authors: O'Reilly, Dougald
Shewan, Louise
Domett, Kate
Newton, Jennifer
Evans, Damian
Vuthy, Voeurn
Beavan, Nancy
Title: The excavation of Phum Sophy 2009-2010: an iron age site in north-west Cambodia
Date: 2015
Source: Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology
Abstract: Excavations were undertaken at the village (phum) of Sophy in Banteay Meanchey Province, north-west Cambodia over two field seasons in two separate areas in 2009 and 2010. The remains of twenty individuals were found in 14 mortuary contexts with individuals interred with a range of burial goods including ceramic vessels, stone and glass beads, iron and bronze artefacts and faunal remains. The site dates to the Iron Age (dates spanning the period c. 87-526 AD) and is surrounded by the ruins of later, Pre-Angkorian temples and their associated ponds. Excavation and research has revealed Sophy to be a prehistoric agricultural village in which the inhabitants exploited a wide-range of habitats and engaged in inter-regional exchange. The results of these investigations are presented here incorporating a description of the excavation, preliminary discussion of the material assemblage and demographic data obtained from the mortuary contexts.
Date Created: 10/18/2017
Volume: 39
Page Start: 57
Page End: 73