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Ref ID: 25325
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: Oktaviana, Adhi Agus
Title: Hand stencils and boats in the painted rock art of the karst region of Muna Island, Southeast Sulawesi
Date: 2018
Source: The Archaeology of Sulawesi
Place of Publication: Acton, ACT, Australia
Publisher: Australia National University Press
DOI: 10.22459/TA48.11.2018.06
Abstract: The rock paintings of Muna Island first became the subject of research by Indonesia’s National Research Centre of Archaeology in Jakarta, Indonesia, almost 40 years ago. Since then, a large assortment of images has been documented, the majority of which are done using brown pigment. The rock art includes figurative motifs such as anthropomorphs, zoomorphs, sun and boat imagery, sometimes in active scenes like hunting and sailing, as well as non-figurative motifs. In 2005, the first observations of negative hand stencils on Muna Island were made at Gua Pominsa by the Makassar Archaeology Office. In 2015, more negative hand stencils were recorded at two further Muna Island sites (Gua Mentanduno and Gua Kabori) by the Directorate of Cultural Property Preservation and Museums, and in 2016 a new site with parietal art (Gua Lakan Taghu) was discovered. Analysis of the Muna Island boat imagery documents the depiction of five propulsion methods, providing an insight into the navigation technology of Muna Island’s Austronesian inhabitants. These new developments in rock art research on Muna Island are described here, expanding the catalogue and contributing to a wider understanding of Island Southeast Asian rock art.
Date Created: 11/27/2018
Editors: O'Connor, Sue
Bulbeck, David
Meyer, Juliet
Volume: 48
Page Start: 61
Page End: 77
Series Editor: O'Connor, Sue
Series Title: Terra Australis