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Ref ID: 25322
Ref Type: Book Section in a Series
Authors: O'Connor, Sue
Bulbeck, David
Piper, Philip J.
Aziz, Fadhila
Marwick, Ben
Campos, Fredeliza
Fenner, Jack
Aplin, Ken
Maloney, Tim
Hakim, Budianto
Wood, Rachel
Title: The human occupation of Gua Mo'o hono shelter, Towuti-Routa region of Southeast Sulawesi
Date: 2018
Source: The Archaeology of Sulawesi
Place of Publication: Acton, ACT, Australia
Publisher: Australia National University Press
DOI: 10.22459/TA48.11.2018.09
Abstract: Here we describe the excavation, chronology and assemblage from Gua Mo’o hono, a rockshelter in the Lake Towuti region in Southeast Sulawesi. The excavation produced glass, ceramics and pottery, dense faunal and lithic assemblages and a diversity of bone tools. The Gua Mo’o hono sequence demonstrates that humans were active in and around the rockshelter from at least 6500 cal BP, and informs on early to late Holocene subsistence and technology in this region. Although the occupants of Gua Mo’o hono exploited a diverse range of fauna from a variety of habitats around the site, there appears to have been a particular focus on suids, both the babirusa and the Sulawesi warty pig.
Date Created: 11/27/2018
Editors: O'Connor, Sue
Bulbeck, David
Meyer, Juliet
Volume: 48
Page Start: 117
Page End: 151
Series Editor: O'Connor, Sue
Series Title: Terra Australis