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Ref ID: 23176
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Loffler, E.
Thompson, W. P.
Liengsakul, M.
Title: Geomorphological development of the Tung Kula Ronghai
Date: 1983
Source: Proceedings of the First Symposium on Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology of Thailand, 28-29 October 1983Geology in Thailand
Place of Publication: Bangkok
Publisher: Department of Mineral Resources, Thailand
Abstract: The geomorphological development of the TKR and its surrounding is studied with the aid of surface and subsurface information. It is shown that the present landscape does not fit into the terrace model of Moorman and others but developed as the result tectonically controlled changes in base level causing incision well below the present land surface in valley areas followed by filling in of the larger valley systems with alluvial sediments. Superimposed onto these tectonically controlled processes were changes in climate and environmental processes with alternating drier and more humid phases and this is reflected in the different character of the sediments.
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