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Ref ID: 22308
Ref Type: Book Section
Authors: Marwick, Ben
Bouasisengpaseuth, Bounheung
Title: The history and practice of archaeology in Laos
Date: 2017
Source: Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology
Place of Publication: New York, USA
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Archaeological discoveries in Laos have made contributions to our understanding of the earliest humans in the eastern hemisphere, as well as human behavior during the later Pleistocene. The country is strategically located for investigating the transition from foragers to farmers, but the archaeological record recovered so far is sparse. Currently the Iron Age in Laos is the best-documented period, with diverse and innovative themes represented in the literature. There is a small population of professional local archaeologists, employed by the government, who are engaged in cultural resource management activities, frequently in collaboration with international teams.
Date Created: 12/18/2017
Editors: Habu, Junko
Lape, Peter V.
Olsen, John W.
Page Start: 89
Page End: 95