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Ref ID: 21695
Ref Type: Book in a Series
Authors: Pires, Tomé
Rodrigues, Francisco
Cortesao, Armando
Title: The Suma oriental of Tomé Pires
Date: 1944
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: The Hakluyt Society
Notes: Full title: The Suma oriental of Tomé Pires : an account of the east, from the Red Sea to China, written in Malacca and India in 1512-1515
and, The book of Francisco Rodrigues : pilot-major of the armada that discovered Banda and the Moluccas : rutter of a voyage in the red sea, nautical rules, almanack and maps, written and drawn in the east before 1515
Date Created: 1/10/2011
Series Title: Works Issued by the Hakluyt Society, Second Series