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Ref ID: 21395
Ref Type: Book (Edited)
Editors: van Willigen, John
Rylko-Bauer, Barbara
McElroy, Ann
Title: Making our research useful: case studies in the utilization of anthropological knowledge
Date: 1989
Source: Westview Special Studies in Applied Anthropology
Place of Publication: Boulder, Colorado
Publisher: Westview Press
Notes: Contents: Rylko-Bauer, Barbara
van Willigen, John
McElroy, Ann-Strategies for increasing the use of Anthropological Research in the policy process: a cross-disciplinary analysis Wood, John J.-Political action and the use of anthropological research: land and religion at the big mountain Poland, Marilyn L.
Giblin, Paul T.- Prenatal care and pregnancy outcome: applications of research findings to the reduction of infant mortality in Detroit Girdner, Linda-Custody mediation: taking the knowledge act on the policy road Gilbert, M. Jean-Policymaking roles for applied anthropologists: personally ensuring that your research is used Boone, Margaret S.- A utilization study using network analysis: maternal and infant health policy change in Washington, D.C. Greenwood, Judith- The politics of planning and implementing a statewide health service: medical rehabilitation in West Virgina Coreil, Jeannine- Lessons from a community study of oral rehydration therapy in Haiti Warren, Dennis M.- Utilizing indigenous healers in national health delivery systems: the Ghanian experiment DeWalt, Kathleen M.
DeWalt, Billie R.-Incorporating nutrition into agricultural research: a case study from southern Honduras Scheinfeld, Daniel R.
Marshall, Patricia A.
Beer, David W.- Knowledge utilization structures, processes and alliances in a psychiatric hospital study Iris, Madelyn Anne-The use of feedback in a model project: guardianship for the impaired elderly Drake, H. Max- Using stakeholders in the research process: a case study in human services Barger, W.K.
Reza, Ernesto-Policy and commuity-action research: the farm labor movement in California Kendall, Carl-The use and non-use of anthropology: the diarrheal disease control program in Honduras Cohen, Lucy M.-Trends in applied anthropology and public policy: concluding remarks
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