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Ref ID: 20662
Ref Type: Book
Authors: Crawfurd, John
Title: Journal of an embassy from the Governor-General of India to the courts of Siam and Cochin China exhibiting a view of the actual state of those kingdoms. 2nd ed.
Date: 1830
Place of Publication: London
Notes: Contents: 1. Nature of the Mission. 2. Departure from Penang. 3. Departure from Singapore. 4. Communication of our arrival made to the court of Siam. 5. Mission visited by the Portuguese consul. 6. Negotiation put off, owing to his majesty's changing his residence. 7. Obstacles to European trade in Siam. 8. Departure from the Sichang Islands. 9. Voyage along the coast of Cochin China. 10. Visit from the intendant of the port. 11. Departure from Hue. 12. Physical form. 13. Buddhist religion
its doctrines and precepts. 14. Siamese history. 15. Geography. 16. Geography of Cochin China. 17. Personal appearance of the Cochin Chinese. 18. Cochin Chinese history. 19. Island of Singapore. <p> Appendices: 1. Narrative of an Embassy from the King of Ava to the King of Cochin China. 2. Envoy's instructions. 3. Letter of the Governor-general to the King of Siam. 4. Letter of the Governor-general to the King of Cochin-China. 5. Vocabularies. <p> <b><a href=""> Download PDF File (18.7MB)</a></b> <p> <b>Please right-click the link and select "Save Target As." Do not open it up within your internet browser as it will not work.</b>
Date Created: 10/17/2007