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Thesis 2008 Marwick, Ben Stone artefacts and human ecology at two rockshelters in Northwest Thailand [Marwick, 2008 #36266]
Thesis 1995 Lorrillard, Michel Les chroniques royales du Laos: essai d'une chronologie des règnes des souverains lao (1316-1887) [Lorrillard, 1995 #36267]
Thesis 2015 Willis, Anna Corinna Juanita The bioarchaeology of An Son and Hoa Diem: biosocial insights into prehistoric southern Vietnam [Willis, 2015 #36268]
Thesis 1984 McKinnon, E. Edwards Kota Cina: Its Context and Meaning in the Trade of Southeast Asia in the Twelfth to Fourteenth Centuries [McKinnon, 1984 #36271]
Thesis 1979 Miksic, John Norman Archaeology, Trade and Society in Northeast Sumatra [Miksic, 1979 #36270]
Thesis 2015 Ueda, Kaoru An archaeological investigation of hybridization in Bantenese and Dutch colonial encounters: food and foodways in the Sultanate of Banten, Java, 17th to early 19th century [Ueda, 2015 #36269]
Thesis 2015 Shkrum, Stephanie Anne Oral health and the intensification of agriculture at Ban Non War, Thailand [Shkrum, 2015 #36273]
Thesis 2010 Ea, D. Angkorian stoneware ceramics: the evolution of kiln structure and ceramic typology [Ea, 2010 #36274]
Thesis 1971 Bayard, Donn Thomas A course toward what? Evolution, development and change at Non Nok Tha, Northeastern Thailand Anthropology [Bayard, 1971 #36275]
Thesis 2015 Page, R. Iron period Nagsabaran, Philippines: an osteobiography of an adult male School of Archaeology and Anthropology [Page, 2015 #36276]
Thesis 2012 Clark, A. L. Human sexual dimorphism and health during the intensification of agriculture in prehistoric Thailand Anatomy [Clark, 2012 #36280]
Thesis 2012 Cole, F. Communities of the dead: practice as an indicator of group identity in the Neolitihic and Metal Age burial caves of Niah, north Borneo [Cole, 2012 #36279]
Thesis 2001 Krigbaum, J. Human paleodiet in tropical southeast Asia: isotopic evidence from Niah Cave and Gua Cha [Krigbaum, 2001 #36278]
Thesis 2009 Lloyd-Smith, L. Chronologies of the dead: later prehistoric burial practice at the Niah Caves, Sarawak [Lloyd-Smith, 2009 #36277]
Thesis 2014 Genovese, Rosalia The Plain of Jars of north Laos: beyond Madeleine Colani Department of History of Art and Archaeology [Genovese, 2014 #36284]
Thesis 2012 Foster, A. V. Gendered divisions of labour in Southeast Asian and Pacific Island prehistory Anatomy [Foster, 2012 #36283]
Thesis 2004 T. H. Hiep, Di tich Man Bac va moi quan he cua no voi cac di tich tien Dong Son o Dong Bang Song Hong [T. 2004 #36282]
Thesis 2001 Oxenham, M. Health and behavior during the mid-holocene and metal period of north Viet Nam Anthropology [Oxenham, 2001 #36281]
Thesis 2012 Evans, C. Joints of prehistoric Thailand: evidence of lower limb osteoarthritis in the Neolithic and bronze age at Ban Non Wat Archaeology [Evans, 2012 #36286]
Thesis 2014 Newton, J. Health, diet and migration prior to the establishment of the pre-Angkorian civilization of Southeast Asia Forensic and Biological Anthropology [Newton, 2014 #36285]
Thesis 2010 Ikehara-Quebral, R. M. An assessment of health in early historic (200 BC to AD 200) inhabitants of Vat Komnou, Angkor Borei, southern Cambodia: a bioarchaeological perspective Anthropology [Ikehara-Quebral, 2010 #36289]
Thesis 2006 Sargeant, C. Iron age mortuary goods: a comparative study between Ban Non Wat and Noen U-Loke, northeast Thailand Anthropology [Sargeant, 2006 #36288]
Thesis 2002 Chang, N. Personal ornaments in Thai prehistory: Nong Nor, Ban Lum Khao and Noen U-Loke [Chang, 2002 #36287]
Thesis 2001 Tanudirjo, D. Islands in between: prehistory of the Northeastern Indonesian archipelago School of Archaeology and Anthropology [Tanudirjo, 2001 #36290]
Thesis Noerwidi, S. The significance of the Holocene human skeleton Song Keplek 5 in the history of human colonization of Java: a comprehensive morphological and morphometric study [Noerwidi, #36293]
Thesis 2009 Ochoa, J. Terrestrial vertebrates of Ille Cave, Northern Palawan, Philippines: subsistence and palaeocology in the terminal Pleistocene to the Holocene [Ochoa, 2009 #36292]
Thesis 2002 Rabett, R. J. Bone technology and subsistence variability in prehistoric Southeast Asia Archaeology [Rabett, 2002 #36291]
Thesis 2006 Kasman Setiagama Fadjar, L'industrie osseuse de l’horizon Keplek, Holocène de la grotte de Song Terus, Punung, Java Est (Indonésie) [Kasman 2006 #36294]
Thesis 2004 Arifin, K. Early human occupation of the East Kalimantan Rainforest Archaeology [Arifin, 2004 #36296]
Thesis 2001 Bautista, A. An analysis of animal remains recovered from Balobok Rockshelter, Sanga-Sanga, Tawi-Tawi Province [Bautista, 2001 #36295]