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Book Section 1984 Miller, Daniel 'Malwa' and 'Jorwe' in the chalcolithic of India South Asian Archaeology 1981. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe Held in Cambridge University 5-10 July 1981 [Miller, 1984 #23348]
Book Section 2012 Fong, Kecia L. 'Same same but different?': a roundtable discussion on the philosophies, methodologies, and practicalities of conserving cultural heritage in Asia Routledge handbook of heritage in Asia [Fong, 2012 #22951]
Book Section 2012 Ai, Jiawen 'Selecting the refined and discarding the dross': the post-1990 Chinese leadership's attitude towards cultural tradition Routledge handbook of heritage in Asia [Ai, 2012 #22945]
Book Section 2011 Slaczka, Anna A. 'The depositing of the embryo' - temple consecration rituals in the Hundu tradition of South and Southeast Asia: a study of the textual and archaeological evidence Early interactions between South and Southeast Asia: reflections on cross-cultural exchange [Slaczka, 2011 #23006]
Book Section 2020 Ray, Himanshu Prabha 'Travelling relics' Coastal shrines and transnational maritime networks across India and Southeast Asia [Ray, 2020 #36784]
Book Section 1995 Lowenthal, David 'Trojan forebears,' 'peerless relics': the rhetoric of heritage claims Interpreting archaeology: finding meaning in the past [Lowenthal, 1995 #23637]
Book Section 2010 Källén, Anna 'We should remember with gratitude': reflections on archaeology in Laos 50 Years of Archaeology in Southeast Asia: Essays in Honour of Ian Glover [Källén, 2010 #22925]
Book Section 2017 Bellwood, Peter Homo erectus  and  Homo floresiensis: archaic hominins in island Southeast Asia First islanders: prehistory and human migration in island Southeast Asia [Bellwood, 2017 #36871]
Book Section 2022 Tocheri, Matthew W. Homo floresiensis The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Tocheri, 2022 #37015]
Book Section 2007 Argue, Debbie <i>Homo floresiensis</i>: what is it? Where does it fit in the human story? Recent Advances on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology and Archaeology: Proceedings International Seminar on Southeast Asian Paleoanthropology [Argue, 2007 #23757]
Book Section 2006 Détroit, F. <i>Homo sapiens</i> in Southeast Asian archipelagoes: the Holocene fossil evidence with special reference to funerary practices in east Java Austronesian diaspora and the ethnogenesis of people in Indonesian archipelago [Détroit, 2006 #22373]
Book Section 1988 Babadzan, Alain <i>Kastom</i> and nation-building in the South Pacific Ethnicities and nations: processes of interethnic relations in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific [Babadzan, 1988 #22566]
Book Section 2014 Murphy, Stephen A. <i>Sema</i> stones in lower Myanmar and northeast Thailand: a comparison Before Siam: essays in art and archaeology [Murphy, 2014 #22635]
Book Section 1996 Linthout, K. 40Ar/39Ar constraints on obduction of the Seran ultramafic complex: consequences for the evolution of the southern Banda Sea Tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia [Linthout, 1996 #23117]
Book Section 2004 Mingram, Jens A 78,000 year record of climatic changes from the south China coast – the Huguang maar lake (Huguangyan) Monsoon and civilization [Mingram, 2004 #24307]
Book Section 2001 Mingram, J. A 78,000 year record of climatic changes from the south China coast - the Huguang Maar Lake (Huguangyan) Monsoon and civilization: the 2nd international workshop of the ALDP (Asian Lake Drilling Programme) [Mingram, 2001 #24568]
Book Section 1998 Haryono, Timbul A bimetallic statue of Śiva recently found in Central Java Southeast Asian Archaeology 1996: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, Leiden, 2-6 September 1996 [Haryono, 1998 #23531]
Book Section 2001 Long, John A. A biogeographic comparison of the dinosaurs and associated vertebrate faunas from the Mesozoic of Australia and Southeast Asia Faunal and floral migrations and evolution in SE Asia-Australasia [Long, 2001 #24367]
Book Section 1997 Hein, Donald A brief description of recent archaeology on ceramic sites in the Lao PDR Southeast Asian Archaeology 1992: Proceedings of the 4th Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Hein, 1997 #24864]
Book Section 2013 Krairiksh, Piriya A brief history of heritage protection in Thailand Protecting Siam's heritage [Krairiksh, 2013 #22735]
Book Section 1996 Paz, V. J. A brief history of the Maripipi Island trade in the 20th century Binisaya nga Kinabuhi, Visayan Life [Paz, 1996 #24400]
Book Section 1984 Ho, Chui-mei A brief survey of the pottery industry in villages in the South and in the North-East of Thailand Earthenware in Asia and Africa: colloquies on art and archaeology in Asia [Ho, 1984 #23765]
Book Section 1988 Rawson, Jessica A bronze-casting revolution in the Western Zhou and its impact on provincial industries The Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys. Papers from the Second International Conference on the Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys, Zhengzhou, China, 21-26 October 1986 [Rawson, 1988 #24917]
Book Section 2015 Lewis, Helen A buried jar site and its destruction: Tham An Mah Cave, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2013: selected papers from the First SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology [Lewis, 2015 #22515]
Book Section 2005 Cheng, Pei-kai A case study of chinese ceramics excavated from Prasat Suor Prat, Cambodia Proceedings of the International Conference: Chinese Export Ceramics and Maritime Trade, 12th-15th Centuries [Cheng, 2005 #22332]
Book Section 2000 Blundell, David A century of research, 1897-1997, Austronesian Taiwan Austronesian Taiwan: linguistics, history, ethnology, and prehistory [Blundell, 2000 #24102]
Book Section 2010 Khush, Gurdev S. A century of rice breeding, its impact and challenges ahead Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Khush, 2010 #23217]
Book Section 2010 Feldberg, Wouter A civilized nation with smart traders: seventeenth century notes from a Dutch merchant in the kingdom of Lan Xang Van Wuysthoff and the Lan Xang Kingdom: a Dutch Merchant's Visit to Laos in 1641 [Feldberg, 2010 #22229]
Book Section 2012 Marwick, Ben A cladistic evaluation of ancient Thai bronze Buddha images: six tests for a phylogenetic signal in the Griswald collection Connecting empires and states: selected papers from the 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Marwick, 2012 #22824]
Book Section 2020 Watson, Hunter Ian A clay tablet from U Thong inscribed in Old Mon Defining Dvāravatī [Watson, 2020 #36726]