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Conference Paper 1991 An, Chia-yao Ancient glass in the southeast coast of China The International Seminar on Ancient Trade and Cultural Contacts in Southeast Asia [An, 1991 #26451]
Conference Paper 1994 Arifin, Karina Archaeological remains in the Kayan Mentarang area, east Kalimantan 15th IPPA Congress January 5-12, 1994 [Arifin, 1994 #26509]
Conference Paper 1990 Asmar, Teguh New findings of a wall painting in a stone chamber in Kota Raya 14th Conference of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, held on August 25 - September 2, 1990 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia [Asmar, 1990 #26450]
Conference Paper 1893 Aymonier, Étienne The history of the Tchampa International Congress of Orientalists [Aymonier, 1893 #26449]
Conference Paper 2016 Baonoed, S. Non Nong Hor: the production site of bronze drum in Thailand. Paper presented at the 2nd SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, 30 May - 2 June, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand. Paper presented at the 2nd SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, 30 May - 2 June, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand. [Baonoed, 2016 #26398]
Conference Paper 1973 Bartstra, Gert-Jan The Patjitan culture, preliminary report of a new research 9th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, August-September 1973 [Bartstra, 1973 #26503]
Conference Paper 2012 Baty, P. Homes, fields and temples: excavations at the airport in Siem Reap 14th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeology, Dublin [Baty, 2012 #26415]
Conference Paper 1971 Bayard, Donn T. An early indigenous bronze technology in North-East Thailand 28th International Congress of Orientalists [Bayard, 1971 #26479]
Conference Paper 2009 Beavan-Athfield, Nancy 15th-17th century jar burials in the Cardamom Mountains, Kingdom of Cambodia: a multidisciplinary investigation of secondary burials Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association, Hanoi Conference [Beavan-Athfield, 2009 #26432]
Conference Paper 1932 Beck, H. C. Early Chinese beads of foreign type Proceedings of the First International Congress of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences [Beck, 1932 #26448]
Conference Paper 2011 Bellina, Bérénice Échanges préhistoriques et métissages culturels entre l'Est de l'océan Indien et la mer de Chine (Prehistoric and protohistorical exchange and cultural hybridisation in the Eastern Indian Ocean 4ème Congrès du Réseau Asie & Pacifique (4th Congress of the Asia & Pacific Network) [Bellina, 2011 #26418]
Conference Paper 2009 Bennett, A. Late prehistoric iron tools and weapons from Ban Don Ta Phet, west-central Thailand 7th Beginnings of the Use of Metals and Alloys Conference, Bangalore, India (13th to 17th September 2009) [Bennett, 2009 #26423]
Conference Paper 1988 Bennett, Anna Bronze metallurgy in Southeast Asia in the first millenium B. C. 2nd International Conference of Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, Paris, 19-23 September 1988 [Bennett, 1988 #26473]
Conference Paper 1926 Beyer, H. Otley Recent discoveries in Philippine archaeology 3d Pan-Pacific Science Congress [Beyer, 1926 #26510]
Conference Paper 1996 Bhumadhon, P. Ceramics of the Dvaravati period in early Thailand Asian Ceramics: Functions and Forms Conference [Bhumadhon, 1996 #26499]
Conference Paper 1994 Bintari, D. D. Lambanapu, a burial site in East Sumba 15th IPPA Congress January 5-12, 1994 [Bintari, 1994 #26506]
Conference Paper 2004 Boonlop, Korakot Current research of prehistoric archaeology in the Sakon Nakhon Basin, northeast Thailand (in Thai) Thai Archaeology Conference [Boonlop, 2004 #26445]
Conference Paper 2005 Brill, R. H. Ancient glass along the silk road International Symposium on Glass in connection with the annual meeting of the International Commission on Glass [Brill, 2005 #26419]
Conference Paper 1972 Briones, Samuel M. The burial sites of Salangsang, Salaman-Lebak, Southern Cotabato, Philippines Seminar on Southeast Asian Archaeology and Prehistory [Briones, 1972 #26500]
Conference Paper 1992 Bronson, Bennet Metal working and development in eastern and southern Asia 91st annual meeting, American Anthropological Association [Bronson, 1992 #26474]
Conference Paper 1991 Bronson, Bennet Theoretical aspects of bronze and iron use in ancient Southeast Asia The High Bronze Age of Southeast Asia and South China Conference, January 14-19, 1991 [Bronson, 1991 #26475]
Conference Paper 2009 Bui Thi Thu Phuong Vietnam Bronze Age, the Pre-Dongsonian culture: a study of the Phung Nguyen cultural pottery The 4th Asian Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies [Bui 2009 #26433]
Conference Paper 1988 Bulbeck, F. David Chinese trade ceramics in archaeological contexts from South Sulawesi, Indonesia Conference on Ancient Chinese and Southeast Asian Bronze Cultures [Bulbeck, 1988 #26524]
Conference Paper 1994 Chazine, Jean-Michael New archaeological perspectives for Borneo and especially Kalimantan provinces 15th IPPA Congress January 5-12, 1994 [Chazine, 1994 #26508]
Conference Paper 1988 Chen Tianjun, Cong gu dai tong gu kan zhong guo xi nan di qu yu dong nan ya ge min zu zhi jian de xiang hu guan xi (Observing the cultural relation between the various nationalities in southwest China and in southeast Asia through ancient bronze drums) Zhongguo gu dai tong gu yan jiu hui di san ci (Third meeting on Chinese ancient bronze drum research) [Chen 1988 #26485]
Conference Paper 1979 Chu Van Tan, Sahuynh, a civilization type of metal age in Vietnam 14th Scientific Pacific Congress [Chu 1979 #26490]
Conference Paper 2002 Davenport, D. Functional analysis of island Southeast Asia Asia-Pacific Lithic Assemblages 17th Congress of the Indo-Pacific prehistory association [Davenport, 2002 #26401]
Conference Paper 1983 de Casparsis, J. G. India and maritime Southeast Asia: a lasting relationship 3rd Sri Lanka Endowment Fund Lecture [de 1983 #26447]
Conference Paper 1998 Demeter, Fabrice The prehistoric human remains of Som Ron Sen, Cambodia The 16th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Demeter, 1998 #26405]
Conference Paper 2001 Demeter, Fabrice Nouvelle étude d'une <i>Calva</i> humaine du site de Tam Hang (Laos) et d'âge Pléistocene moyen Réunion de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris [Demeter, 2001 #26406]