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Newspaper Article 1988 Qu Hanzong, Zai Dian wenhua de guxiang (In the homeland of Dian culture) Yunnan Ribao [Qu 1988 #36133]
Newspaper Article 1975 Alsop, Joseph Rewriting Human History Washington Post [Alsop, 1975 #36121]
Newspaper Article 2010 Times Reporters Laos: an archaeological blank page Vientiane Times [Times 2010 #36124]
Newspaper Article 1977 Wong, Francis Restoring sites at historical Bujang Valley The Star [Wong, 1977 #36136]
Newspaper Article 1976 Othman, Salehuddin Neolithic discovery in Trengganu: human skeleton found under a rock shelter The Malay Mail [Othman, 1976 #36137]
Newspaper Article 2007 ScienceDaily Staffwriters Filling in the blanks of Southeast Asian prehistory ScienceDaily [ScienceDaily 2007 #36125]
Newspaper Article 2016 Crane, Brent Digging for where the gods were constructed Phnom Penh Post [Crane, 2016 #36120]
Newspaper Article 2000 Associated Press Discovery shows E. Asians were also adept making stone tools Philadelphia Inquirer [Associated 2000 #36138]
Newspaper Article 2008 Ruiz-Ramón, Yanik Trench fever Pennsylvania Gazette [Ruiz-Ramón, 2008 #36123]
Newspaper Article 2002 Wade, Nicholas Race is seen as real guide to track roots of disease New York Times [Wade, 2002 #36132]
Newspaper Article 2008 Winichakul, Thongchai Preah Vihear can be 'time bomb' Nation [Winichakul, 2008 #36127]
Newspaper Article 1931 Beyer, H. Otley Many Chinese ceramics have found their way into the Philippines Manila Daily Bulletin [Beyer, 1931 #36134]
Newspaper Article 2016 Carter, Alison Kyra Household archaeology at Angkor Wat Khmer Times, July 7 [Carter, 2016 #36118]
Newspaper Article 1987 Chun, Malcolm N. New terms suggested for Hawaiian prehistory Ka Wai Ola O OHA [Chun, 1987 #36122]
Newspaper Article 1935 Stein Callenfels, P. V. van An advance in Far-Eastern prehistory: Prehistoric kitchen-middens in the straits settlements: ancient shell-heaps at Guak Kepah, containing relics of an australo-melanoid culture in the Malay peninsula Illustrated London News [Stein 1935 #36140]
Newspaper Article 1955 Sieveking, G. de G. Archaeology in the midst of terrorists: excavating an important stone age site in the Malayan jungles, at Gua Cha, Kelantan Illustrated London News [Sieveking, 1955 #36135]
Newspaper Article 1937 Janse, Olov Robert Thure Han dynasty art as developed in Indo-China Illustrated London News [Janse, 1937 #36129]
Newspaper Article 1947 van Heekeren, H. R. Romance of archaeology: stone axes from the "railroad of death" Illustrated London News [van 1947 #36119]
Newspaper Article 1977 Earnshaw, Graham Cradle of technology that was SE Asia Hong Kong Standard [Earnshaw, 1977 #36139]
Newspaper Article 1998 Bhatiasevi, Aphaluck Dengue fever risk highest in 40 years: older children are more vulnerable Bangkok Post [Bhatiasevi, 1998 #36131]
Newspaper Article 1999 Sukrung, Karnjariya Once bitten Bangkok Post [Sukrung, 1999 #36130]
Newspaper Article 2008 Saengrungruang, Prasit Cambodians keeping it cool Bangkok Post [Saengrungruang, 2008 #36128]
Newspaper Article 1991 Sukphisit, Suthon Concern for ancient treasures of Thailand Bangkok Post [Sukphisit, 1991 #36126]