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Manuscript 2001 Pureetpatong, N. A preliminary report of an analysis of human skeletal remains from Muang Sema, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, northeast Thailand [Pureetpatong, 2001 #36069]
Manuscript 2012 Genovese, Lia The Plain of Jars: mysterious and imperilled [Genovese, 2012 #36070]
Manuscript 2004 Phon, K. Phnom Borei project: Phnom Borei and its relationship to Angkor Borei [Phon, 2004 #36071]
Manuscript 1996 Dega, M. An introduction to Funan and the archaeology of Angkor Borei, southern Cambodia [Dega, 1996 #36072]
Manuscript 2011 Van Damme, Thomas The collapse of the Khmer empire [Van 2011 #36073]
Manuscript 1999 Bubpha, Sureeratana Petrography analysis of pottery from Ban Don Thong Chai [Bubpha, 1999 #36074]
Manuscript 1999 Boonlop, Korakot A preliminary report of excavation at Ban Pone site: The Ban Chiang cultural research on Nam Suai bank [Boonlop, 1999 #36075]
Manuscript 1978 White, Joyce C. Osteological reconfigurations in the Indo-Pacific: indications from Don Klang, northeast Thailand University of Pennsylvania Museum [White, 1978 #36076]
Manuscript 1999 Sagart, Laurent The contribution of metal names to linguistic comparison: 'bronze' and 'silver' in East Asian languages [Sagart, 1999 #36077]
Manuscript 2005 Lewis, H. Early occupation at Ille Cave, New Ibaja, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines: report on the 2005 excavation season [Lewis, 2005 #36078]
Manuscript 1952 Smalley, W. A. Report of the Second Conference on Problems in Meo Phonemic Structure [Smalley, 1952 #36080]
Manuscript 1953 Smalley, W. A. Third report on Meo: orthography and grammar [Smalley, 1953 #36079]
Manuscript 2002 White, Joyce C. Report on Rapid Assessment Archaeological Survey in Two Portions of the Middle Mekong Basin in Lao PDR [White, 2002 #36081]
Manuscript 1978 Mundardjito Preliminary report on pottery found in the Borobudur site [Mundardjito 1978 #36082]
Manuscript 1984 Pisnupong, P. A preliminary report on the 1982 excavation at Khok Phanom Di [Pisnupong, 1984 #36083]
Manuscript Jones, William The diary of William Jones: 1907-1909. Robert F. Cummings Philippine Expedition [Jones, #36084]
Manuscript Carriveau, Gary W. Thermoluminescence dating problems with Ban Chiang pottery [Carriveau, #36095]
Manuscript 1975 Kliks, Michael Paleoepidemiological studies on Great Basin coprolites: estimation of dietary fiber intake and evaluation of the ingestion of anthelmintic plant substances [Kliks, 1975 #36094]
Manuscript 1990 O'Connor, Richard A. Southeast Asia as a region: debate, traditions & the Tai [O'Connor, 1990 #36093]
Manuscript 1970 Peterson, Warren E. Preliminary report on two sites from northeastern Luzon [Peterson, 1970 #36092]
Manuscript Peterson, Warren E. Colonialism, culture history and Southeast Asian prehistory [Peterson, #36091]
Manuscript 1978 Peterson, Warren E. Archaeological research in the Novaliches watershed, Philippines [Peterson, 1978 #36090]
Manuscript Schauffler, William Prehistoric culture change in northeast Thailand: a search for a tentative model [Schauffler, #36089]
Manuscript 1978 Schauffler, William M. An archaeological perspective on prehistoric rice cultivation in northeast Thailand [Schauffler, 1978 #36088]
Manuscript 1968 Shutler, Richard, Jr. Radiocarbon dating and man in south and east Asia [Shutler, 1968 #36087]
Manuscript 1975 Wilke, Philip J. Analysis of ancient feces: a discussion and annotated bibliography [Wilke, 1975 #36086]
Manuscript Yudkin, John Archaeology and the nutritionist [Yudkin, #36085]
Manuscript 1991 Bayard, Donn T. Archaeological excavations at Non Nok Tha, northeast Thailand, 1966-1968 [Bayard, 1991 #36096]
Manuscript Prior, Ruth The late prehistoric to early historic earthenwares of central Vietnam [Prior, #36097]
Manuscript 1972 German Geological Mission to Thailand, Final report of the German Geological Mission to Thailand, 1965-1971 [German 1972 #36099]