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Book in a Series 1979 Solheim, Wilhelm G., II Archaeological survey in southeastern Mindinao [Solheim, 1979 #21920]
Book in a Series 1972 Solheim, Wilhelm G. II Archaeological survey to investigate Southeast Asian prehistoric presence in Ceylon Ancient Ceylon [Solheim, 1972 #21667]
Book in a Series 2002 Jones, Andrew Archaeological theory and scientific practice [Jones, 2002 #21757]
Book in a Series 1980 Kuak, Monica Sim Joo Archaeology in Malaysia: a bibliography [Kuak, 1980 #21857]
Book in a Series 1999 Ha Van Tan Archaeology in Vietnam, Volume 2: Bronze Age Archaeology in Vietnam [Ha 1999 #21701]
Book in a Series 1995 Michell, George Architecture and art of southern India : Vijayanagara and the successor states, 1350-1750 [Michell, 1995 #21715]
Book in a Series 1967 Fox, Robert B. Aspects of Philippine Culture: pre-history of the Philippines [Fox, 1967 #21928]
Book in a Series 1901 Lunet de Lajonquière, Étienne Edmond Atlas archéologique de l’Indo-chine: monuments du Champa et du Cambodge [Lunet 1901 #21735]
Book in a Series 1953 Belo, Jane Bali temple festival [Belo, 1953 #21913]
Book in a Series 2002 Pietrusewsky, Michael Ban Chiang, a prehistoric village site in northeast Thailand I: the human skeletal remains [Pietrusewsky, 2002 #21904]
Book in a Series 1978 Mus, Paul Barabudur [Mus, 1978 #21803]
Book in a Series 1986 Huffman, Franklin E. Bibliography and index of mainland Southeast Asian languages and linguistics [Huffman, 1986 #21885]
Book in a Series 1984 Bray, Francesca Biology and biological technology: agriculture [Bray, 1984 #21764]
Book in a Series 1981 Scott, William Henry Boat building and seamanship in classic Philippine society [Scott, 1981 #21922]
Book in a Series 1981 Spriggs, Matthew Bombs and butter: the revival of ancient irrigation techniques for a market economy: a Pacific example [Spriggs, 1981 #21731]
Book in a Series 1897 Meyer, Adolf Bernard Bronzepauken aus Südost-Asien [Meyer, 1897 #21718]
Book in a Series 1970 Brown, D. E. Brunet: the structure and history of a Bornean sultanate [Brown, 1970 #21905]
Book in a Series 1981 Swearer, Donald K. Buddhism and society in Southeast Asia [Swearer, 1981 #21843]
Book in a Series 1983 Ni Ni Myint, Burma's struggle against British imperialism, 1885-1895 [Ni 1983 #21711]
Book in a Series 1979 Tidalgo, Jesus P, Jr. Calincamasan & Aludaid: contact period sites in La Union northwestern Philippines [Tidalgo, 1979 #21921]
Book in a Series 1959 Steinberg, David J. Cambodia: its people, its society, its culture [Steinberg, 1959 #21780]
Book in a Series 2001 Dumarçay, Jacques Cambodian architecture, eighth to thirteenth centuries [Dumarçay, 2001 #21865]
Book in a Series 1964 Bernath, Frances A. Catalogue of Thai language holdings in the Cornell University Libraries through 1964 [Bernath, 1964 #21911]
Book in a Series 1985 Arnold, Dean E. Ceramic theory and cultural process [Arnold, 1985 #22001]
Book in a Series 1997 Songsiri, Walailak Chansean Museum [Songsiri, 1997 #21888]
Book in a Series 2011 Liu, Hong China and the shaping of Indonesia, 1949–1965 [Liu, 2011 #21674]
Book in a Series 2006 Thorp, Robert L. China in the early Bronze Age: Shang civilization [Thorp, 2006 #21768]
Book in a Series 1914 Laufer, Berthold Chinese clay figures [Laufer, 1914 #21855]
Book in a Series 1942 Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre Chinese fossil mammals [Teilhard 1942 #21808]
Book in a Series 1981 Phoeun, Mak Chroniques royales du Cambodge: de 1594 à 1677 Collection de textes et documents sur l'Indochine [Phoeun, 1981 #21670]