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Journal Article 2021 Eda, Masaki Origin of the domestic chicken from modern biological and zooarchaeological approaches Animal Frontiers [Eda, 2021 #37241]
Journal Article 2022 Higham, Charles Franklin Wandesforde Zooarchaeology of Ban Chiang and the rise of early farming communities in mainland Southeast Asia International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Higham, 2022 #37163]
Journal Article 2019 Siripan, Sirianong Origin of prehistoric cattle excavated from four
archaeological sites in central and northeastern
Mitochondrial DNA Part A: DNA Mapping, Sequencing, and Analysis [Siripan, 2019 #37153]
Journal Article 2020 Liang, Hua A late Middle Pleistocene mammalian fauna recovered in northeast Guangxi, southern China: implications for regional biogeography Quaternary International [Liang, 2020 #36856]
Journal Article 2020 Boulanger, Clara Fishbone artefacts from the Samrong Sen site, Cambodia, cast new light on Bronze Age networking between inland and coastal communities International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Boulanger, 2020 #36820]
Journal Article 2020 Ren, Lele Foraging and farming: Archaeobotanical and zooarchaeological evidence for Neolithic exchange on the Tibetan Plateau Antiquity [Ren, 2020 #19611]
Journal Article 2020 Shoocongdej, Rasmi Faunal assemblages and demography during the late Pleistocene (MIS 2-1) to early Holocene in highland Pang Mapha, northwest Thailand Quaternary International [Shoocongdej, 2020 #19048]
Journal Article 2019 Jones, Rebecca K. The Neolithic transition in Vietnam: Assessing evidence for early pig management and domesticated dog Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Jones, 2019 #19043]