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Book Section 2015 Craddock, Paul Sources of zinc in early India: the evidence of numismatics, trade and lead isotope analysis Metals and civilizations [Craddock, 2015 #22390]
Book Section 1978 Cheng-Tu, Ma The Guangmenshan Pb-Zn ore deposit - a deposit of the paleo-karst type Proceedings of the Third Regional Conference on Geology and Mineral Resources of Southeast Asia [Cheng-Tu, 1978 #23028]
Book in a Series 1960 Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, United Nations Copper, lead, and zinc ore resources of Asia and the Far East [Economic 1960 #21713]
Book Section 1959 Rachdawong, Sunt Beneficiation of lead-zinc ore, Ban Bo Ngam deposits, Sri Sawat subdistrict, Kanchanaburi Report of investigations [Rachdawong, 1959 #23816]
Book Section 1989 Craddock, P.T. The production of lead, silver and zinc in early India Old World archaeometallurgy [Craddock, 1989 #23869]
Journal Article 1994 Ezzo, Joseph A. Zinc as a paleodietary indicator: an issue of theoretical validity in bone-chemistry analysis American Antiquity [Ezzo, 1994 #34717]
Journal Article 1991 Folin, M. Trace element determination in humans. The use of blood and hair Biological Trace Element Research [Folin, 1991 #34710]
Journal Article 1987 Fornaciari, G. Palaeonutritional studies on skeletal remains of ancient populations from the Mediterranean area: an attempt to interpretation Anthropologischer Anzeiger [Fornaciari, 1987 #34709]
Journal Article 1993 Grupe, Giseka Life style, subsistence and mortality in the Slavonic village at Espenfeld (Kr. Arnstadt, FRG). A trace element study Anthropologischer Anzeiger [Grupe, 1993 #34691]
Journal Article 1989 Grupe, Giseka Trace elements in excavated human hair Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie [Grupe, 1989 #34690]
Journal Article 1989 Iscan, M. Yasar Spectrographic analysis of trace elements in archaeological skeletal material from Florida: a preliminary report American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Iscan, 1989 #34650]
Journal Article 1994 Kniewald, G. Trace metal levels in fossil human bone from the Bezdanjaca necropolis in Croatia Science of Total Environment [Kniewald, 1994 #34631]
Journal Article 1988 Kosugi, H. Elevated lead concentrations in Japanese ribs of the Edo era (300-120 BP) Science of Total Environment [Kosugi, 1988 #34626]
Journal Article 1977 Kuhnlein, H. V. Minerals in human teeth: differences between preindustrial and contemporary Hopi Indians American Journal of Clinical Nutrition [Kuhnlein, 1977 #34622]
Journal Article 1982 Lambert, Joseph B. A comparative study of the chemical analysis of ribs and femurs in Woodland populations American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Lambert, 1982 #34617]
Journal Article 1994 Sandford, M. K. Multivariate analyses of elemental hair concentrations from a medieval Nubian population American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Sandford, 1994 #34538]
Journal Article 1986 Schneider, K. N. Dental caries, enamel composition, and subsistence among prehistoric Amerindians of Ohio American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Schneider, 1986 #34531]
Journal Article 1996 Yamada, M. An improved method for estimating original mineral contents in excavated bone using sulfur Biological Trace Element Research [Yamada, 1996 #34424]