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Journal Article 2018 Favereau, Aude Étude du mobilier céramique de deux cimetières de la fin du deuxième au début du premier millénaire avant notre ère en Haute Birmanie : technologie, typologie et chronologie Bulletin de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient [Favereau, 2018 #37317]
Journal Article 1996 Allen, Melinda S. Style and function in East Polynesian fish-hooks Antiquity [Allen, 1996 #26785]
Journal Article 2014 Doelman, Trudy Design theory and the Australian tula adze Asian Perspectives (2012) [Doelman, 2014 #26856]
Journal Article 2011 Higham, Charles The origins of the bronze age of Southeast Asia Journal of World Prehistory [Higham, 2011 #28417]
Book Section 2011 White, Joyce C. Emergence of cultural diversity in mainland Southeast Asia: a view from prehistory Dynamics of human diversity [White, 2011 #23000]
Journal Article 2010 Murillo-Barroso, Mercedes Khao Sam Kaeo - an archaeometallurgical crossroads for trans-asiatic technological traditions Journal of Archaeological Science [Murillo-Barroso, 2010 #28545]
Journal Article 2005 Eerkens, J. W. Cultural transmission, copying errors, and the generation of variation in material culture and the archaeological record Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Eerkens, 2005 #28550]
Journal Article 2007 Eerkens, J. W. Cultural transmission theory and the archaeological record: providing context to understanding variation and temporal changes in material culture Journal of Archaeological Research [Eerkens, 2007 #28549]
Journal Article 2000 Eerkens, J. W. Practice makes within 5% of perfect: visual perception, motor skills, and memory in artifact variation Current Anthropology [Eerkens, 2000 #28553]
Journal Article 2001 Kim, Jangsuk Elite strategies and the spread of technological innovation: the spread of iron in the bronze age societies of Denmark and Southern Korea Journal of Anthropological Archaeology [Kim, 2001 #29780]
Book 1979 Bhardawaj, H. C. Aspects of ancient Indian technology: a research based on scientific methods [Bhardawaj, 1979 #20749]
Book Section 1999 Stark, Miriam T. Social dimensions of technical choice in Kalinga ceramic traditions Material meanings: critical approaches to the interpretation of material culture [Stark, 1999 #24733]