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Journal Article 1996 Allen, Harry The time of the mangroves: changes in the mid-Holocene estuarine environments and subsistence in Australia and Southeast Asia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Allen, 1996 #31723]
Journal Article 1998 Allen, S. Jane History, archaeology, and the question of foreign control in early historic-period peninsular Malaysia International Journal of Historical Archaeology [Allen, 1998 #28379]
Journal Article 1996 Amesbury, J. R. Cultural adaptations and late Holocene sea level change in the Marianas: recent excavations at Chalan Piao, Saipan, Micronesia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Amesbury, 1996 #31736]
Journal Article 2003 Berdin, R. D. Holocene relative sea-level changes and mangrove response in Southwest Bohol, Philippines Journal of Coastal Research [Berdin, 2003 #27705]
Book Section in a Series 2004 Bolikhovskaya, N. Environmental changes of the northeastern Black Sea's coastal region during the middle and late Holocene Impact of the environment on human migration in Eurasia [Bolikhovskaya, 2004 #25697]
Journal Article 2004 Boyd, Willam Edgar Holocene elevated sea levels on the north coast of Vietnam Australian Geographical Studies [Boyd, 2004 #30674]
Book Section 1977 Chappell, J. Sea levels and coasts Sunda and Sahul: prehistoric studies in Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Australia [Chappell, 1977 #25171]
Journal Article 1982 Chappell, J. Sea levels and sediments: some features of the context of coastal archaeological sites in the Tropics Archaeology in Oceania [Chappell, 1982 #32385]
Journal Article 1983 Chonglakmani, C. The last marine submersion of the Bangkok area in Thailand Memorie di Scienze Geologiche [Chonglakmani, 1983 #29873]
Book Section 1999 Clark, Jeffrey T. Environmental change and human prehistory on Totoya island, Fiji Le Pacifique de 5000 à 2000 avant le présent [Clark, 1999 #24001]
Journal Article 2003 Doan Dinh Lam, Holocene coastal stratigraphy and the sedimentary development of the Hai Phong area of the Bac Bo Plain (Red River Delta), Vietnam Australian Geographer [Doan 2003 #30672]
Journal Article 1962 Donn, W. L. Pleistocene ice volumes and sea-level lowering Journal of Geology [Donn, 1962 #31924]
Journal Article 2012 Funabiki, Ayako Natural levees and human settlement in the Song Hong (Red River) Delta, Northern Vietnam Holocene [Funabiki, 2012 #27850]
Journal Article 2004 Gagan, Michael K. Post-glacial evolution of the Indo-Pacific warm pool and El Niño-Southern oscillation Quaternary Science Reviews [Gagan, 2004 #27699]
Journal Article 2009 Griffiths, M. L. Increasing Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall linked to early Holocene sea-level rise Nature Geoscience [Griffiths, 2009 #28593]
Journal Article 2004 Hanebuth, T. J. J. Depositional sequences on a late Pleistocene-Holocene tropical siliciclastic shelf (Sunda Shelf, Southeast Asia) Journal of Asian Earth Sciences [Hanebuth, 2004 #27698]
Journal Article 2011 Hanebuth, Till J. J. Formation and fate of sedimentary depocentres on Southeast Asia's Sunda Shelf over the past sea-level cycle and biogeographic implications Earth-Science Reviews [Hanebuth, 2011 #28817]
Journal Article 2006 Hanebutha, Till J. J. Sea levels during late marine isotope stage 3 (or older?) reported from the Red River delta (northern Vietnam) and adjacent regions Quaternary International [Hanebutha, 2006 #30413]
Book Section 2022 Higham, Charles F. W. Coastal settlement in Thailand The Oxford Handbook of Early Southeast Asia [Higham, 2022 #37022]
Book Section in a Series 2005 Hope, Geoffrey The Quaternary in Southeast Asia The physical geography of Southeast Asia [Hope, 2005 #25743]
Journal Article 2005 Horton, B. P. Holocene sea levels and palaeoenironments, Malay-Thai Peninsula, southeast Asia Holocene [Horton, 2005 #30412]
Journal Article 1974 Hyunh Ngoc Huong, Dat bien tien cuoi cung sau bang ha va anh huong cua no den bo bien the gioi va Viêt Nam [ The last post glacial sea level-raise and its effect upon the world and Viêt Nam coastlines] Khao Co Hoc [Hyunh 1974 #31130]
Journal Article 2016 Janssen, Renée, Joordens, Josephine C. A. Tooth enamel stable isotopes of Holocene and Pleistocene fossil fauna reveal glacial and interglacial paleoenvironments of hominins in Indonesia Quaternary Science Reviews [Janssen, 2016 #26652]
Journal Article 2021 Kahlert, Thorsten Mid-Holocene coastline reconstruction from geomorphological sea level indicators in the Tràng An World Heritage Site, Northern Vietnam Quaternary Science Reviews [Kahlert, 2021 #37122]
Journal Article 2018 Li, Jingrui Clay minerals and Sr-Nd isotopic composition of the Bay of Bengal sediments: implications for sediment provenance and climate control since 40 ka Quaternary International [Li, 2018 #26693]
Book Section 2024 Louys, Julien How did Homo erectus reach Java? Least-cost pathway models and a consideration of possible Sumatran routes Quaternary Palaeontology and Archaeology of Sumatra [Louys, 2024 #37333]
Journal Article 1980 Luu Ty, Cac duong bo bien trong thong Toan tan o mien Bac Viêt Nam [ The ancient northern Vietnam sea - shore during the Holocene] Khao Co Hoc [Luu 1980 #31616]
Journal Article 2017 Marwick, Ben Adaptations to sea level change and transitions to agriculture at Khao Toh Chong rockshelter, Peninsular Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science [Marwick, 2017 #27578]
Journal Article 2009 Nguyen Quang Mien, Geoarchaeology of the maritime region in northeast Vietnam Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Nguyen 2009 #29084]
Journal Article 2006 Pearl, Frederic B. Late Holocene landscape evolution and land-use expansion in Tutuila, American Samoa Asian Perspectives (2006) [Pearl, 2006 #30271]