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Journal Article Conrad, Cyler Ethnographic analogy and the archaeological record of northern Thailand: insights from Mlabri hunter-gatherers and the Tham Lod rockshelter archaeofauna(ชาติพันธุวรรณา Rian Thai: International Journal of Thai Studies [Conrad, #27715]
Book Section in a Series 2020 Forestier, H. 30 years after P. Gorecki and D. S. Gillieson in Papua New Guinea: new data on the Holocene settlement of East Sepik, Upper Karawari-Arafundi region Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2019: selected papers from the Third SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, Bangkok, Thailand 2019 [Forestier, 2020 #36945]
Journal Article 2020 Kaharudin, Hendri A. F. A review of archaeological dating efforts at cave and rockshelter sites in the Indonesian Archipelago Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Kaharudin, 2020 #36894]
Journal Article 2020 Fuentes, Riczar Stuck within notches: direct evidence of plant processing during the last glacial maximum to Holocene in North Sulawesi Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Fuentes, 2020 #19618]
Journal Article 2020 Shoocongdej, Rasmi Faunal assemblages and demography during the late Pleistocene (MIS 2-1) to early Holocene in highland Pang Mapha, northwest Thailand Quaternary International [Shoocongdej, 2020 #19048]
Journal Article 2019 Niespolo, Elizabeth M. 230Th dating of coral abraders from stratified deposits at Tangatatau Rockshelter, Mangaia, Cook Islands: implications for building precise chronologies in Polynesia Journal of Archaeological Science [Niespolo, 2019 #19624]
Journal Article 2018 Fitzpatrick, Scott M. Radiocarbon dating and Bayesian modelling of one of Remote Oceania's oldest cemeteries at Chelecol ra Orrak, Palau Antiquity [Fitzpatrick, 2018 #26811]
Journal Article 2018 Brumm, Adam A reassessment of the early archaeological record at Leang Burung 2, a late Pleistocene rock-shelter site on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi PLOS One [Brumm, 2018 #26770]
Journal Article 2018 Wattanapituksakul, Athiwat Late Pleistocene Caprinae assemblages of Tham Lod Rockshelter (Mae Hong Son Province, Northwest Thailand) Quaternary International [Wattanapituksakul, 2018 #26725]
Book Section in a Series 2018 Louys, Julien Neolithic dispersal implications of murids from late Holocene archaeological and modern natural deposits in the Talaud Islands, northern Sulawesi The Archaeology of Sulawesi [Louys, 2018 #25317]
Journal Article 2017 Marwick, Ben Adaptations to sea level change and transitions to agriculture at Khao Toh Chong rockshelter, Peninsular Thailand Journal of Archaeological Science [Marwick, 2017 #27578]
Journal Article 2017 R, Arjun Archaeological Investigations at the Brahmagiri rock shelter: Prospecting for its context in South India late prehistory and early history Archaeological Research in Asia [R, 2017 #27039]
Journal Article 2017 Kusmartono, Vida P.R. Late Pleistocene to recent: Human activities in the deep interior equatorial rainforest of Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo Quaternary International [Kusmartono, 2017 #27035]
Journal Article 2016 Grenet, Michel New insights on the late Pleistocene-Holocene lithic industry in East Kalimantan (Borneo): the contribution of three rock shelter sites in karstic area of the Mangkalihat peninsula Quaternary International [Grenet, 2016 #27614]
Journal Article 2014 Taçon, Paul S. C. The global implications of the early surviving rock art of greater Southeast Asia Antiquity [Taçon, 2014 #28065]
Journal Article 2014 Plutniak, Sébastien New ceramic data from East Kalimantan: the cord-marked and red-slipped sherds of Liang Abu's layer 2 and Kalimantan's pottery chronology Journal of Pacific Archaeology [Plutniak, 2014 #27985]
Journal Article 2012 Lekenvall, Henrik Late stone age communities in the Thai-Malay Peninsula Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Lekenvall, 2012 #28133]
Journal Article 2011 Tan, Noel Hidalgo Current research on rock art at Gua Tambun, Perak, Malaysia Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Tan, 2011 #28303]
Journal Article 2011 Ricaut, François-Xavier Prehistoric occupation at the rock shelter of Liang Abu, eastern Borneo Antiquity [Ricaut, 2011 #28219]
Journal Article 2010 Demeter, Fabrice Tam Hang Rockshelter: preliminary study of a prehistoric site in northern Laos Asian Perspectives (2009) [Demeter, 2010 #28461]
Journal Article 2010 Ono, Rintaro Changing marine exploitation during late Pleistocene in northern Wallacea: shell remains from Leang Sarru rockshelter in Talaud Islands Asian Perspectives (2009) [Ono, 2010 #28458]
Journal Article 2009 Mijares, Armand Salvador B. Cave sites in Northeastern Luzon, Philippines: a preliminary soil micromorphological study Asian Perspectives (2009) [Mijares, 2009 #29221]
Thesis 2008 Marwick, Ben Stone artefacts and human ecology at two rockshelters in Northwest Thailand [Marwick, 2008 #36266]
Journal Article 2008 Seonbok Yi New data on the Hoabinhian: Investigations at Hang Cho Cave, northern Vietnam Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Seonbok 2008 #29483]
Journal Article 2008 Nakbunlung, Supaporn Whispering teeth: nutrition and health of wooden coffin people in the Pang Ma Pha cave sites, northwestern Thailand Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Nakbunlung, 2008 #29481]
Journal Article 2008 Piper, Philip J. Using community, composition and structural variation in terminal Pleistocene vertebrate assemblages to identify human hunting behaviour at the Niah caves, Borneo Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Piper, 2008 #29480]
Book Section in a Series 2008 Sayavongkhamdy, Thongsa Excavations of cave sites at Pha Phen Recherches nouvelles sur le Laos [Sayavongkhamdy, 2008 #25664]
Book Section 2008 Lenoble, Arnaud Natural processes involved in the formation of Pleistocene bone assemblages in continental South-east Asian caves: the case of the cave of the monk (Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand) From <i>Homo erectus</i> to the living traditions [Lenoble, 2008 #23696]
Book Section 2008 Zeitoun, Valéry Taphonomy and paleoecological significance of the <i>Ailuropoda-Stegodon</i> complex of Ban Fa Suai (northern Thailand) From <i>Homo erectus</i> to the living traditions [Zeitoun, 2008 #23695]
Thesis 2007 Chitkament, Thanon Lithic analysis of Moh Khiew Rockshelter (locality 1) in Krabi River Valley, Krabi Province, south-western Thailand [Chitkament, 2007 #36380]