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Journal Article 1982 Advisory Committee, IBPGR-IRRI Rice Conservation of the wild rices of tropical Asia Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter [Advisory 1982 #35686]
Journal Article 1970 Akihama, T. Geographic distribution and ecotypic differentiation of wild rice in Thailand Tonan Ajia Kenkyu [Akihama, 1970 #34071]
Journal Article 2021 Alam, Ornob Genome analysis traces regional dispersal of rice in Taiwan and Southeast Asia Molecular Biology and Evolution [Alam, 2021 #37117]
Journal Article 2011 Asano, Kenji Artificial selection for a green revolution gene during <i>japonica</i> rice domestication PNAS [Asano, 2011 #28623]
Journal Article 2017 Barron, Aleese MicroCT reveals domesticated rice (Oryza sativa) within pottery sherds from early Neolithic sites (4150–3265 cal BP) in Southeast Asia Scientific Reports [Barron, 2017 #27036]
Journal Article 2020 Barron, Aleese Sherds as archaeobotanical assemblages: Gua Sireh reconsidered Antiquity [Barron, 2020 #36813]
Journal Article 2017 Bates, J. Approaching rice domestication in South Asia: new evidence from Indus settlements in northern India Journal of Archaeological Science [Bates, 2017 #26838]
Journal Article 1996 Beavitt, Paul Confirmation of an early date for the presence of rice in Borneo Sarawak Museum Journal [Beavitt, 1996 #31403]
Journal Article 2011 Bellwood, Peter The checkered prehistory of rice movement southwards as a domesticated cereal- from the Yangzi to the equator Rice [Bellwood, 2011 #28430]
Book Section 1972 Buth, G. M. Antiquity of rice cultivation Research trends in plant anatomy [Buth, 1972 #25071]
Journal Article 2011 Castillo, Cristina Rice in Thailand: the archaeobotanical contribution Rice [Castillo, 2011 #28452]
Journal Article 2017 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Hunter-gatherer specialization in the late neolithic of southern Vietnam - the case of Rach Nui Quaternary International [Castillo, 2017 #27388]
Journal Article 2016 Castillo, Cristina Cobo Archaeogenetic study of prehistoric rice remains from Thailand and India: evidence of early <i>japonica</i> in South and Southeast Asia Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Castillo, 2016 #27922]
Book Section in a Series 1989 Chang, Te-Tsu Domestication and spread of the cultivated rices Foraging and farming: the evolution of plant exploitation [Chang, 1989 #26361]
Journal Article 1976 Chang, Te-Tsu The origin, evolution, cultivation, dissemination, and diversification of Asian and African rices Euphytica [Chang, 1976 #35873]
Book Section 1976 Chang, Te-Tzu Rice Evolution of crop plants [Chang, 1976 #25179]
Journal Article 1978 Chatterjee, P. G. On the origin of rice in India: some remarks Science and Culture [Chatterjee, 1978 #29892]
Journal Article 1999 Chen Xingcan, On the earliest evidence for rice cultivation in China Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Chen 1999 #35477]
Journal Article 2012 Crawford, G. W. Early rice exploitation in the lower Yangzi Valley: what are we missing? Holocene [Crawford, 2012 #27865]
Book Section 2017 Crawford, Gary W. Plant domestication in East Asia Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology [Crawford, 2017 #22298]
Journal Article 1998 Crawford, Gary. W. The origins of rice agriculture: recent progress in East Asia Antiquity [Crawford, 1998 #26786]
Journal Article 1998 D'Andrea, Catherine A. Review of "Subsistence and environment: the botanical evidence. The biological remains (Part II)" by G.B. Thompson [Vol. 4 of The excavation of Khok Phanom Di, a prehistoric site in central Thailand] Asian Perspectives (1998) [D'Andrea, 1998 #32778]
Journal Article 2018 Dal Martello, Rita Early agriculture at the crossroads of China and Southeast Asia: archaeobotanical evidence and radiocarbon dates from Baiyangcun, Yunnan Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [Dal 2018 #26745]
Book Section 1983 Endo, T. Rice Isozymes in plant genetics and breeding, part B [Endo, 1983 #24947]
Journal Article 2011 Fiskejö, Magnus Preface: "Rice and Language across Asia" Rice [Fiskejö, 2011 #28432]
Book Section 2021 Fuller, Dorian The origins and spread of cereal agriculture in Mainland Southeast Asia The Languages and Linguistics of Mainland Southeast Asia [Fuller, 2021 #37205]
Journal Article 2016 Fuller, Dorian Q. Pathways of rice diversification across Asia Archaeology International [Fuller, 2016 #27553]
Journal Article 2011 Fuller, Dorian Q. Pathways to Asian civilizations: tracing the origins and spread of rice and rice cultures Rice [Fuller, 2011 #28431]
Journal Article 2009 Fuller, Dorian Q. The domestication process and domestication rate in rice: spikelet bases from the lower Yangtze Science [Fuller, 2009 #28639]
Journal Article 2009 Fuller, Dorian Q. Water management and labour in the origins and dispersal of Asian rice World Archaeology [Fuller, 2009 #28640]