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Journal Article 2001 bin Achie, Nordi Wanita dalam politik Sarawak 1946-1996: satu tinjauan awal Sarawak Museum Journal [bin 2001 #28511]
Journal Article 2001 Castles, Alex C. Hidden legal treasures of Sarawak's history Sarawak Museum Journal [Castles, 2001 #28513]
Book 2002 Hickey, Gerald Cannon Window on a war: an anthropologist in the Vietnam conflict [Hickey, 2002 #20092]
Book (Edited) 2002 Craig, Timothy J. Global goes local: popular culture in Asia [Craig, 2002 #21434]
Book 2003 Salemink, Oscar The ethnography of Vietnam's central highlanders: a historical contextualization, 1850-1990 Anthropology of Asia [Salemink, 2003 #20096]
Book Section 2003 Lefferts, Leedom A preliminary cultural geography of contemporary village-based earthenware production in mainland Southeast Asia Earthenware in Southeast Asia: proceedings of the Singapore Symposium on Premodern Southeast Asian Earthenwares [Lefferts, 2003 #22782]
Book (Edited) 2004 Duncan, Christopher Civilizing the margins: Southeast Asian government policies for the development of minorities [Duncan, 2004 #21432]
Book 2008 Rowley, Chris The changing face of management in South East Asia [Rowley, 2008 #20053]
Journal Article 2008 Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza Knock on wood: the wooden posts of Opol old church ruins Test Pit: Chronicle of the UP Archaeological Studies Program [Ceron, 2008 #28175]
Journal Article 2008 Baker, Patrick J. The impacts of large-scale, low-intensity fires on the forests of continental South-east Asia International Journal of Wildland Fire [Baker, 2008 #28276]
Book 2009 Werner, Jayne Susan Gender, household and state in post-revolutionary Vietnam ASAA women in Asia [Werner, 2009 #20052]
Book Section 2009 Baker, Patrick J. Fire behavior and fire effects across the forest landscape of continental Southeast Asia Tropical fire ecology: climate change, land use, and ecosystem dynamics [Baker, 2009 #22781]
Journal Article 2009 Cherry, Haydon Digging up the past: prehistory and the weight of the present in Vietnam Journal of Vietnamese Studies [Cherry, 2009 #28233]
Book 2010 Reid, Anthony Imperial alchemy: nationalism and political identity in Southeast Asia [Reid, 2010 #20105]
Book 2010 Young, Gordon The wind will yet sing [Young, 2010 #20106]
Book in a Series 2010 Lim, Jason Linking an Asian transregional commerce in tea: overseas Chinese merchants in the Fujian-Singapore trade, 1920-1960 [Lim, 2010 #21672]
Book in a Series 2010 Saravanamuttu, J. Islam and politics in Southeast Asia [Saravanamuttu, 2010 #21676]
Book Section 2010 Khush, Gurdev S. A century of rice breeding, its impact and challenges ahead Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Khush, 2010 #23217]
Book Section 2010 Coclanis, Peter A. The rice industry of the United States Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Coclanis, 2010 #23220]
Book Section 2010 Sattar, Mofarahus History of rice in South Asia (1947 to 2007) Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Sattar, 2010 #23224]
Journal Article 2010 Baird, Ian G. The US Central Intelligence Agency and the Brao: the story of Kong My, a non-communist space in Attapeu Province, southern Laos Aséanie [Baird, 2010 #28644]
Journal Article 2010 High, Holly Review of "Creating Laos: the making of a Lao space between Indochina and Siam, 1860-1945," by Soren Ivarsson Journal of the Siam Society [High, 2010 #28799]
Journal Article 2010 Stuart-Fox, Martin Review of "The last century of Lao royalty: a documentary history," by Grant Evans Journal of the Siam Society [Stuart-Fox, 2010 #28800]
Journal Article 2010 Widyono, Benny Review of "Dependent communities: aid and politics in Cambodia and East Timor," by Caroline Hughes Journal of the Siam Society [Widyono, 2010 #28801]
Journal Article 2010 Tully, John Review of "People of virtue Journal of the Siam Society [Tully, 2010 #28802]
Journal Article 2010 Van Roy, Edward Review of "Thaksin," by Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker Journal of the Siam Society [Van 2010 #28803]
Journal Article 2010 Reynolds, Craig J. Review of "Jungle book: Thaliand's politics, moral panic, and plunder, 1996-2008," by Chang Noi Journal of the Siam Society [Reynolds, 2010 #28805]
Book 2011 Parreñas, Rhacel Salazar Illicit flirtations: labor, migration, and sex trafficking in Tokyo [Parreñas, 2011 #20028]
Book 2011 Swe, Thein Cashing in across the Golden Triangle [Swe, 2011 #20086]
Book 2011 McDaniel, Justin Thomas The lovelorn ghost and the magical monk: practicing Buddhism in modern Thailand [McDaniel, 2011 #20107]