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Journal Article 2012 Abinales, Patricio N. Political authority and provincial identity in Thailand: the making of Banharn-buri Southeast Asian Studies [Abinales, 2012 #28272]
Journal Article 2012 Aizawa, Nobuhiro China and the shaping of Indonesia, 1949-1965 Southeast Asian Studies [Aizawa, 2012 #28267]
Book 2000 Aymonier, Étienne Isan Travels: northeast Thailand's economy in 1883-1884 [Aymonier, 2000 #21065]
Journal Article 2010 Baird, Ian G. The US Central Intelligence Agency and the Brao: the story of Kong My, a non-communist space in Attapeu Province, southern Laos Aséanie [Baird, 2010 #28644]
Book Section 2009 Baker, Patrick J. Fire behavior and fire effects across the forest landscape of continental Southeast Asia Tropical fire ecology: climate change, land use, and ecosystem dynamics [Baker, 2009 #22781]
Journal Article 2008 Baker, Patrick J. The impacts of large-scale, low-intensity fires on the forests of continental South-east Asia International Journal of Wildland Fire [Baker, 2008 #28276]
Journal Article 2012 Barney, Keith Muang Metaphysics Southeast Asian Studies [Barney, 2012 #28270]
Book Section 2013 Barretto-Tesoro, Grace Fame and fortune in two Philippine cemeteries: tombstones as extensions of identity Materializing Southeast Asia's past: selected papers from the 12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists [Barretto-Tesoro, 2013 #22786]
Journal Article 2015 Benson, Frederic C. Indochina war refugee movements in Laos, 1954-1975: a chronological overview citing new primary sources Journal of Lao Studies [Benson, 2015 #27939]
Journal Article 2001 bin Achie, Nordi Wanita dalam politik Sarawak 1946-1996: satu tinjauan awal Sarawak Museum Journal [bin 2001 #28511]
Book Section 2014 Carter, Alison Archaeology in post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia Encyclopedia of global archaeology [Carter, 2014 #22745]
Journal Article 2001 Castles, Alex C. Hidden legal treasures of Sarawak's history Sarawak Museum Journal [Castles, 2001 #28513]
Journal Article 2008 Ceron, Ma. Jasminda Liza Knock on wood: the wooden posts of Opol old church ruins Test Pit: Chronicle of the UP Archaeological Studies Program [Ceron, 2008 #28175]
Journal Article 1966 Chappell, J. Stone axe factories in the highlands of East New Guinea Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society (New Series) [Chappell, 1966 #28024]
Journal Article 2009 Cherry, Haydon Digging up the past: prehistory and the weight of the present in Vietnam Journal of Vietnamese Studies [Cherry, 2009 #28233]
Book in a Series 2011 Chie Ikeya, Refiguring women, colonialism, and modernity in Burma [Chie 2011 #21675]
Journal Article 2015 Christopherson, Scott Lao filmmakers break free from their cultural chains Journal of Lao Studies [Christopherson, 2015 #27936]
Book Section 2010 Coclanis, Peter A. The rice industry of the United States Rice: origin, antiquity and history [Coclanis, 2010 #23220]
Journal Article 2000 Cort, Louise Allison Khmer earthenware in mainland Southeast Asia: an approach through production Udaya: Journal of Khmer Studies [Cort, 2000 #28316]
Book (Edited) 2002 Craig, Timothy J. Global goes local: popular culture in Asia [Craig, 2002 #21434]
Journal Article 2012 David, Joel Glimpses of freedom: independent cinema in Southeast Asia Southeast Asian Studies [David, 2012 #28265]
Journal Article 1996 Day, Anthony Ties that (un)bind: families and states in premodern Southeast Asia Journal of Asian Studies [Day, 1996 #28907]
Book 2000 de Carné, Louis Travels on the Mekong: Cambodia, Laos, and Yunnan. The Political and Trade Report of the Mekong Exploration Commission (June 1866 - June 1868)) [de 2000 #21063]
Journal Article 2011 Delang, Claudio O. Hydropower-induced displacement and resettlement in the Lao PDR South East Asia Research [Delang, 2011 #28566]
Book 1987 Dennis, Peter Troubled days of peace: Mountbatten and the Southeast Asia Command, 1945-1946 [Dennis, 1987 #20643]
Journal Article 2013 Dixon, Boyd The archaeology of World War II Japanese stragglers on the island of Guam and the Bushido code Asian Perspectives (2012) [Dixon, 2013 #28243]
Journal Article 2012 Dugtong-Yap, Cherry Amor Illicit flirtations: labor, migration, and sex trafficking in Tokyo Southeast Asian Studies [Dugtong-Yap, 2012 #28266]
Book (Edited) 2004 Duncan, Christopher Civilizing the margins: Southeast Asian government policies for the development of minorities [Duncan, 2004 #21432]
Book Section 1988 Foster, Brian L. Changing ethnicity and social resources in a Thai-Mon village, 1971-81 Ethnic diversity and the control of natural resources in Southeast Asia [Foster, 1988 #22572]
Book 2002 Hickey, Gerald Cannon Window on a war: an anthropologist in the Vietnam conflict [Hickey, 2002 #20092]