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Journal Article 2019 Wang, Jessica K. Hydroclimatic variability in Southeast Asia over the past two millennia Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Wang, 2019 #18939]
Journal Article 2018 Zhou, Jing-Li A tentative study of the relationship between annual δ18O & δD variations of precipitation and atmospheric circulations—a case from Southwest China Quaternary International [Zhou, 2018 #26684]
Book Section 1998 Supapoj, N. Using organic material to improve soil productivity in rainfed lowland rice in northeast Thailand Rainfed Lowland Rice: Advances in Nutrient Management Research [Supapoj, 1998 #22317]
Journal Article 2017 Kusmartono, Vida P.R. Late Pleistocene to recent: Human activities in the deep interior equatorial rainforest of Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo Quaternary International [Kusmartono, 2017 #27035]
Journal Article 2009 Griffiths, M. L. Increasing Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall linked to early Holocene sea-level rise Nature Geoscience [Griffiths, 2009 #28593]
Journal Article 2010 Griffiths, Michael L. Evidence for Holocene changes in Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall from stalagmite trace element and stable isotope ratios Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Griffiths, 2010 #28592]
Journal Article 2010 Griffiths, Michael L. Younger Dryas-Holocene temperature and rainfall history of southern Indonesia from δ18O in speleothem calcite and fluid inclusions Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Griffiths, 2010 #28591]
Journal Article 2011 Lewis, Sophie C. High-resolution stalagmite reconstructions of Australian-Indonesian monsoon rainfall variability during Heinrich stadial 3 and Greenland interstadial 4 Earth and Planetary Science Letters [Lewis, 2011 #28589]
Journal Article 2006 Herzschuh, Ulrike Palaeo-moisture evolution in monsoonal Central Asia during the last 50,000 years Quaternary Science Reviews [Herzschuh, 2006 #30411]
Book Section 2004 Sonawane, Vishwas H. Influence of monsoon in the regional diversity of Harappa Culture in Gujarat Monsoon and civilization [Sonawane, 2004 #24295]
Book Section 2004 Bhan, Kuldeep Kumar Monsoon behaviour and the late Harappan subsistence pattern in Gujarat, western India Monsoon and civilization [Bhan, 2004 #24293]
Journal Article 2004 Yamada, Kazuyoshi Last 40 ka climate changes as deduced from the lacustrine sediments of Lake Biwa, central Japan Quaternary International [Yamada, 2004 #30661]
Journal Article 2004 Toyoda, Kazuhiro Validation of arsenic as a proxy for lake-level change during the past 40,000 years in Lake Biwa, Japan Quaternary International [Toyoda, 2004 #30660]
Journal Article 2004 Yasuda, Yoshinori Environmental variability and human adaptation during the late glacial/Holocene transition in Japan with reference to pollen analysis of the SG4 core from Lake Suigetsu Quaternary International [Yasuda, 2004 #30665]
Journal Article 2004 Wu Wenxiang, Possible role of the "Holocene Event 3" on the collapse of Neolithic Cultures around the central plain of China Quaternary International [Wu 2004 #31179]
Journal Article 1997 Kripalani, R. H. Rainfall variability over South-east Asia - connections with Indian monsoon and ENSO extremes: new perspectives International Journal of Climatology [Kripalani, 1997 #32597]
Journal Article 1995 Kripalani, R. H. Variability of the summer monsoon rainfall over Thailand--comparison with features over India International Journal of Climatology [Kripalani, 1995 #32596]
Book 1977 Ministry of Communications, Thailand Climatological data of Thailand, 25 year period (1951-1975) [Ministry 1977 #20966]