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Book Section in a Series 1999 Kolb, Michael J. Staple Finance, Ritual Pig Sacrifice, and Ideological Power in Ancient Hawai'i Complex Polities in the Ancient Tropical World [Kolb, 1999 #18922]
Journal Article 2019 Daly, Patrick Archaeological evidence that a late 14th-century tsunami devastated the coast of northern Sumatra and redirected history PNAS [Daly, 2019 #18953]
Book 2018 Chew, Sing C. The Southeast Asia connection: trade and polities in the Eurasian world economy, 500 BC–AD 500 [Chew, 2018 #19733]
Book 1990 Hefner, Robert W. The political economy of mountain Java: an interpretive history [Hefner, 1990 #19892]
Book 2008 Forsyth, Tim Forest guardians, forest destroyers: the politics of environmental knowledge in northern Thailand [Forsyth, 2008 #20098]
Book 1997 Earle, T. K. How chiefs come to power: the political economy in prehistory [Earle, 1997 #20668]
Book 1995 Brocheux, Pierre The Mekong Delta: ecology, economy, and revolution, 1960-1960 [Brocheux, 1995 #20728]
Book 1972 McCoy, Alfred W. The politics of heroin in Southeast Asia [McCoy, 1972 #20837]
Book 1984 Barrett Jones, Antoinette M. Early tenth century Java from the inscriptions: a study of economic, social and administrative conditions in the first quarter of the century [Barrett 1984 #21105]
Book 1954 Leach, E. R. Political systems of highland Burma: a study of Kachin social structure [Leach, 1954 #21255]
Book (Edited) 2011 Sikor, Thomas Upland transformations in Vietnam [Sikor, 2011 #21435]
Book (Edited) 1990 Upham, Steadman The evolution of political systems: sociopolitics in small-scale sedentary societies School of American Research Advanced Seminar Series [Upham, 1990 #21504]
Book (Edited) 1998 Feinman, Gary M. Archaic states [Feinman, 1998 #21510]
Book (Edited) 1986 van Bakel, Martin A. Private politics: a multi-disciplinary approach to `Big-Man' systems [van 1986 #21615]
Book in a Series 1989 Russell, Susan Diana Ritual, power, and economy: upland-lowland contrasts in mainland Southeast Asia [Russell, 1989 #21795]
Book in a Series 1989 Hagesteijn, Renée R. Circles of kings: political dynamics in early continental Southeast Asia [Hagesteijn, 1989 #21965]
Book in a Series 1991 Lewis, Henry T. Ilocano irrigation: the corporate resolution [Lewis, 1991 #21974]
Book in a Series 1963 Lehman, F. K. The structure of Chin society [Lehman, 1963 #21977]
Book Section 2010 Junker, Laura Lee Food preparation and feasting in the household and political economy of pre-hispanic Philippine chiefdoms Inside ancient kitchens: new directions in the study of daily meals and feasts [Junker, 2010 #22603]
Book Section 2012 Dove, Michael R. A political-ecological heritage of resource contest and conflict Routledge handbook of heritage in Asia [Dove, 2012 #22941]
Book Section 1989 Mellars, Paul Technological changes across the middle-upper paleolithic transition: economic, social and cognitive perspectives The human revolution: behavioural and biological perspectives on the origins of modern humans [Mellars, 1989 #23027]
Book Section 1989 Brown, James Allison The beginnings of pottery as an economic process What's new?: a closer look at the process of innovation [Brown, 1989 #23902]
Book Section 1986 van de Velde, Pieter Social inequality in the European early neolithic: bandkeramic leadership Private politics: a multi-disciplinary approach to "Big-man" systems [van 1986 #24949]
Book Section 1986 van Bakel, Martin A. Samoa: leadership between ascribed and achieved Private politics: a multi-disciplinary approach to "Big-man" systems [van 1986 #24950]
Book Section in a Series 1992 Barker, Alex W. Powhatan's Pursestrings: On the Meaning of Surplus in a Seventeenth Century Algonkian Chiefdom Lords of the Southeast: Social Inequality and the Native Elites of Southeastern North America [Barker, 1992 #25255]
Book Section in a Series 2008 Culas, Christian Le nouveau marché hmong de Luang Prabang: étude de l'initiative économique locale et des réseaux des montagnards au Laos Recherches nouvelles sur le Laos [Culas, 2008 #25650]
Book Section in a Series 1975 Reid, Anthony Trade and the problem of royal power in Aceh. Three stages: c. 1550-1700 Pre-colonial state systems in Southeast Asia [Reid, 1975 #25729]
Book Section in a Series 2004 Junker, Laura Lee Political economy in the historic period chiefdoms and states of Southeast Asia Archaeological perspectives on political economies [Junker, 2004 #25889]
Book Section in a Series 1999 Bacus, Elisabeth A. Prestige and potency: political economies of protohistoric Visayan polities Complex polities in the ancient tropical world [Bacus, 1999 #26156]
Book Section in a Series 1977 Forman, Shepard East Timor: exchange and political hierarchy at the time of the European discoveries Economic exchange and social interaction in Southeast Asia: perspectives from prehistory, history and ethnography [Forman, 1977 #26168]