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Journal Article 2016 Rhode, David A biogeographical perspective on early human colonization on the Tibetan Plateau Archaeological Research in Asia [Rhode, 2016 #27016]
Journal Article 2016 Barton, Loukas The cultural context of biological adaptation to high elevation Tibet Archaeological Research in Asia [Barton, 2016 #27022]
Journal Article 2004 Aldenderfer, Mark The prehistory of the Tibetan plateau to the seventh century A.D.: perspectives and research from China and the West since 1950 Journal of World Prehistory [Aldenderfer, 2004 #29500]
Journal Article 2007 Oxenham, M. F. Oral and physiological palaeohealth in cold adapted peoples: northeast Asia, Hokkaido American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Oxenham, 2007 #29592]
Journal Article 1997 Foote, Mike The evolution of morphological diversity Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics [Foote, 1997 #30135]
Journal Article 2004 Jablonski, Nina G. The evolution of human skin and skin color Annual Review of Anthropology [Jablonski, 2004 #30124]
Journal Article 1998 McShea, Daniel W. Possible largest-scale trends in organismal evolution: eight "live hypotheses" Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics [McShea, 1998 #30095]
Journal Article 2002 Ruff, Christopher Variation in human body size and shape Annual Review of Anthropology [Ruff, 2002 #30075]
Journal Article 1992 Stinson, Sara Nutritional Adaptation Annual Review of Anthropology [Stinson, 1992 #30067]
Journal Article 2002 Olds, Tim One hundred years of growth: The evolution of height, mass, and body composition in Australian children, 1899-1999 Human Biology [Olds, 2002 #33716]
Journal Article 1961 Brandt, John H. The negrito of peninsular Thailand Journal of the Siam Society [Brandt, 1961 #34120]
Book Section 1975 Stini, William A. Adaptive strategies of human population under nutritional stress Biosocial interrelations in population adaptation [Stini, 1975 #24581]
Journal Article 1998 Katzmarzyk, Peter T. Climatic influences on human body size and proportions: ecological adaptations and secular trends American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Katzmarzyk, 1998 #34641]
Journal Article 1970 Newman, R. W. Why is man such a sweaty and thirsty naked animal: a speculative review Human Biology [Newman, 1970 #34578]
Book Section 1989 Hanna, Joel M. Climatic physiology Human Population Biology [Hanna, 1989 #24607]