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Book 1962 Patterson, T. T. Soan: the Palaeolithic of Pakistan [Patterson, 1962 #20284]
Journal Article 1962 Soejono, R. P. Preliminary notes on new finds of lower-palaeolithic implements from Indonesia Asian Perspectives (1961) [Soejono, 1962 #33543]
Journal Article 1962 Boriskovsky, P. I. Exploration of ancient sites of the stone age in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Soviet Archaeology [Boriskovsky, 1962 #34059]
Journal Article 1962 Sieveking, Ann The Palaeolithic industry of Kota Tampan, Perak, Malaya: part II. Archaeology Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society [Sieveking, 1962 #35918]
Journal Article 1963 Saurin, E. Premiers éléments sur la présence de galets aménagés et de vieux paléolithiques au Cambodge Comptes Rendus Sommaires des Séances de la Société Géologique de France [Saurin, 1963 #28864]
Journal Article 1964 Gabori, Miklos New data on Palaeolithic finds in Mongolia Asian Perspectives (1963) [Gabori, 1964 #33488]
Journal Article 1965 Harrisson, Tom 50,000 years of stone age culture in Borneo Smithsonian Institution Annual Report [Harrisson, 1965 #35969]
Book Section in a Series 1967 Boriskovsky, P. I. Problems of the Paleolithic and of the Mesolithic of Southeast Asia Archaeology at the 11th Pacific Science Congress: papers presented at the XI Pacific Science Congress, Tokyo, August-September 1966 [Boriskovsky, 1967 #26208]
Journal Article 1968 Saurin, E. Le Paléolithique du Cambodge Oriental Asian Perspectives (1966) [Saurin, 1968 #28863]
Journal Article 1969 Larichev, V. E. The discovery of the Paleolithic in Korea (The Coulpo Culture) Arctic Anthropology [Larichev, 1969 #29392]
Journal Article 1969 Boriskovskii, P. I. Vietnam in primeval times. Part 3 Soviet Anthropology and Archaeology [Boriskovskii, 1969 #35821]
Journal Article 1969 Boriskovskii, P. I. Vietnam in primeval times. Part 2 Soviet Anthropology and Archaeology [Boriskovskii, 1969 #35829]
Journal Article 1969 Gorman, Chester Francis Hoabinhian: a pebble-tool complex with early plant associations in Southeast Asia Science [Gorman, 1969 #35869]
Book 1970 Boriskovsky, P. I. The new problems of the palaeolithic and mesolithic of the Indochinese Peninsula [Boriskovsky, 1970 #21084]
Journal Article 1970 Jacobson, Jerome Palaeolithic occupation floors in India Current Anthropology [Jacobson, 1970 #29516]
Journal Article 1970 Dunn, Frederick L. Cultural evolution in the late Pleistocene and Holocene of Southeast Asia American Anthropologist [Dunn, 1970 #35803]
Book 1971 Boriskovsky, P. I. Le paléolithique de l'Asie du Sud et du Sud-Est [Boriskovsky, 1971 #21083]
Journal Article 1971 Saurin, Edmond Le Paléolithique des environs de Xuân-Lôc Bulletin de la Société des Études Indochinoises [Saurin, 1971 #30305]
Journal Article 1971 Harrisson, Tom The missing Brunei stone-age (with an appeal to readers) Brunei Museum Journal [Harrisson, 1971 #32547]
Journal Article 1971 Ghosh, Asok K. Ordering of lower palaeolithic traditions in south and Southeast Asia Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania [Ghosh, 1971 #35246]
Book in a Series 1972 van Heekeren, Hendrik Robert The stone age of Indonesia [van 1972 #22016]
Book Section 1973 Binford, L. K. Interassemblage variability- the Mousterian and the 'functional' argument The explanation of culture change: models in prehistory [Binford, 1973 #24552]
Book Section 1974 Fox, Robert B. Preliminary report on the paleolithic archaeology of Cagayan Valley, Philippines, and the Cabalwanian industry Proceedings of the First Regional Seminar on Southeast Asian Prehistory and Archaeology, June 26-July 4, 1972, Manila [Fox, 1974 #24761]
Journal Article 1974 Marschall, Wolfgang On the Stone Age in Indonesia Tribus [Marschall, 1974 #34009]
Journal Article 1974 Marschall, Wolfgang On the Stone Age of Indonesia Tribus [Marschall, 1974 #35667]
Journal Article 1974 Harrisson, Tom Palaeolithic studies in Borneo and adjacent islands Brunei Museum Journal [Harrisson, 1974 #35972]
Journal Article 1975 Ikawa-Smith, Fumiko Japanese ancestors and palaeolithic archaeology Asian Perspectives (1975) [Ikawa-Smith, 1975 #33189]
Journal Article 1975 Harrisson, Tom Tampan: Malaysia's Palaeolithic reconsidered Modern Quaternary Research in Southeast Asia [Harrisson, 1975 #35973]
Book Section 1976 Sørensen, Per Preliminary note on the relative and absolute chronology of two early Palaeolithic sites from north Thailand Le paléolithic inférieur et moyen en Inde, en Asie centrale, en Chine et dans Le Sud-est asiatique: 9th Congress of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Nice [Sørensen, 1976 #25076]
Book Section in a Series 1976 Bartstra, Gert-Jan The dating of the palaeolothic in Indonesia Colloque VII: le paléolithique inférieur [Bartstra, 1976 #26081]