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Journal Article 1994 Ezzo, Joseph A. Zinc as a paleodietary indicator: an issue of theoretical validity in bone-chemistry analysis American Antiquity [Ezzo, 1994 #34717]
Book Section in a Series 1993 Churchill, Steven E Weapon Technology, Prey Size Selection, and Hunting Methods in Modern Hunter-Gatherers: Implications for Hunting in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia [Churchill, 1993 #25246]
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Book Section in a Series 1993 Boyle, Katherine V. Upper Palaeolithic Procurement and Processing Strategies in Southwest France Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia [Boyle, 1993 #25236]
Book Section 1994 Koch, P. L. Tracing the diets of fossil animals using stable isotopes Stable isotopes in ecology and environmental science [Koch, 1994 #24453]
Journal Article 1981 Blakely, R. L. Trace elements, nutritional status, and social stratification at Etowah, Georgia Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences [Blakely, 1981 #34786]
Book Section 1988 Hastorf, Christine A. The use of paleoethnobotanical data in prehistoric studies of crop production, processing, and consumption Current paleoethnobotany: analytical methods and cultural interpretations of archaeological plant remains [Hastorf, 1988 #24609]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Burton, James H. The use and abuse of trace elements for paleodietary research Biogeochemical approaches to paleodietary analysis [Burton, 2000 #26092]
Journal Article 1990 Burton, James H. The ratio of barium to strontium as a paleodietary indicator of consumption of marine resources Journal of Archaeological Science [Burton, 1990 #34770]
Journal Article 1994 Lubell, David M. The mesolithic-neolithic transition in Portugal: Isotopic and dental evidence of diet Journal of Archaeological Science [Lubell, 1994 #34600]
Journal Article 2006 Bogaard, A. The impact of manuring on nitrogen isotope ratios in cereals: archaeological implications for reconstruction of diet and crop management practices Journal of Archaeological Science [Bogaard, 2006 #30159]
Book Section in a Series 1993 Neeley, Michael P. The Human Food Niche in the Levant Over the Past 150,000 Years Hunting and Animal Exploitation in the Later Palaeolithic and Mesolithic of Eurasia [Neeley, 1993 #25230]
Thesis 2015 Willis, Anna Corinna Juanita The bioarchaeology of An Son and Hoa Diem: biosocial insights into prehistoric southern Vietnam [Willis, 2015 #36268]
Journal Article 2005 Codron, Jacqui Taxonomic, anatomical, and spatio-temporal variations in the stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions of plants from an African savanna Journal of Archaeological Science [Codron, 2005 #30153]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Tanso Antei Douitai Hihou ni yoru Kodai Shokusei no Kenkyu (Research on paleodiet by means of stable carbon isotope ratios) Kokogaku to Shizenkagaku [Chisholm, 1988 #34758]
Journal Article 1999 Schoeninger, Margaret J. Subsistence strategies of two "savanna" chimpanzee populations: the stable isotope evidence American Journal of Primatology [Schoeninger, 1999 #34333]
Thesis-PhD 1997 Takamiya, Hiroto Subsistence adaptation processes in the prehistory of Okinawa [Takamiya, 1997 #36616]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Study of paleodiet using stable-carbon isotopic analysis Archaeology and Natural Science [Chisholm, 1988 #34759]
Journal Article 1992 Sillen, Andrew Strontium-calcium ratios (Sr/Ca) of <i>Australopithecus robustus</i> and associated fauna from Swartkrans Journal of Human Evolution [Sillen, 1992 #34503]
Book Section 1985 Gilbert, Robert I. Stress, paleonutrition, and trace elements The analysis of prehistoric diets [Gilbert, 1985 #24652]
Journal Article 1985 Hatch, J. W. Status-specific dietary variation in two world cultures Journal of Human Evolution [Hatch, 1985 #34680]
Journal Article 1995 Ubelaker, Douglas H. Status and diet in precontact highland Ecuador American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Ubelaker, 1995 #34462]
Journal Article 2006 Keenleyside, Anne Stable isotopic evidence of diet in a Greek colonial population from the Black Sea Journal of Archaeological Science [Keenleyside, 2006 #30118]
Journal Article 2006 Hu, Yaowu Stable isotopic analysis of human bones from Jianhu site, Henan, China: implications for the transition of agriculture Journal of Archaeological Science [Hu, 2006 #30127]
BAR Book 2008 King, Christopher A. Stable isotopic analysis of carbon and nitrogen as an indicator of paleodietary change among pre-state metal age societies in northeast Thailand [King, 2008 #19630]
Journal Article 1985 Schoeninger, Margaret J. Stable isotopes in human skeletons of southern Ontario: reconstructing palaeodiet Journal of Archaeological Science [Schoeninger, 1985 #34521]
Journal Article 2006 Lösch, Sandra Stable isotopes and dietary adaptations in humans and animals at pre-pottery Neolithic Nevali Çori, Southeast Anatolia American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Lösch, 2006 #30098]
Journal Article 1999 Richards, M. P. Stable isotope evidence for similarities in the types of marine foods used by Late Mesolithic humans at sites along the atlantic coast of Europe Journal of Archaeological Science [Richards, 1999 #34339]
Journal Article 2006 Bocherens, Hervé Stable isotope evidence for palaeodiets in southern Turkmenistan during Historical period and Iron Age Journal of Archaeological Science [Bocherens, 2006 #30160]