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Journal Article 2006 Jay, Mandy Diet in the Iron Age cemetery population at Wetwang Slack, East Yorkshire, UK: carbon and nitrogen stable isotope evidence Journal of Archaeological Science [Jay, 2006 #30122]
Journal Article 1994 Lee-Thorp, Julia A. Diet of <i>Australopithecus robustus</i> at Swartkrans from stable carbon isotope analysis Journal of Human Evolution [Lee-Thorp, 1994 #34607]
Journal Article 2005 Noe-Nygaard, N. Diet of aurochs and early cattle in southern Scandinavia: evidence from {\super 15}N and {\super 13}C stable isotopes Journal of Archaeological Science [Noe-Nygaard, 2005 #30091]
Journal Article 2017 Zhang, Naimeng Diet reconstructed from an analysis of plant microfossils in human dental calculus from the Bronze Age site of Shilinggang, southwestern China Journal of Archaeological Science [Zhang, 2017 #26828]
Journal Article 2000 Sealy, Judith Diet, Body Size, and Landscape Use among Holocene People in the Southern Cape, South Africa Current Anthropology [Sealy, 2000 #34330]
Journal Article 1994 Bocherens, Hervé Diet, physiology and ecology of fossil mammals as inferred from stable carbon and nitrogen isotope biogeochemistry: implications for Pleistocene bears Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology [Bocherens, 1994 #34783]
Journal Article 1999 Schutkowski, Holger Diet, status and decomposition at Weingarten: trace element and isotope analysis on early mediaeval skeletal material Journal of Archaeological Science [Schutkowski, 1999 #34332]
Book Section in a Series 1975 Wallace, John A. Dietary adaptations of Australopithecus and early Homo Paleoanthropology: morphology and paleoecology [Wallace, 1975 #25991]
Journal Article 1997 Cerling, Thure E. Dietary and environmental reconstruction with stable isotope analyses of herbivore tooth enamel from the Miocene locality of Fort Ternan, Kenya Journal of Human Evolution [Cerling, 1997 #34762]
Journal Article 2009 Field, Julie S. Dietary change in Fijian prehistory: isotopic analyses of human and animal skeletal material Journal of Archaeological Science [Field, 2009 #26981]
Journal Article 2000 Mann, Neil Dietary lean red meat and human evolution European Journal of Nutrition [Mann, 2000 #32525]
Journal Article 2006 Valentin, F. Dietary patterns during the late prehistoric/historic period in Cikobia island : insights from stable isotopes and dental pathologies Journal of Archaeological Science [Valentin, 2006 #30147]
Journal Article 1989 Moore, K. M. Dietary reconstruction from bones treated with preservatives Journal of Archaeological Science [Moore, 1989 #34583]
Book Section 1994 Bourque, Bruce J. Dietary reconstruction from human bone for five coastal New England populations Paleonutrition: the diet and health of prehistoric Americans [Bourque, 1994 #24601]
Journal Article 1997 Cachel, Susan Dietary shifts and the European Upper Paleolithic transition Current Anthropology [Cachel, 1997 #34766]
Book Section 2018 Frère, Stephane Doi Pha Kan (Thailand), Ban Tha Si (Thailand) and Laang Spean (Cambodia) animal bone assemblages: a new perception of meat supply strategies for early Holocene mainland Southeast Asia Advancing Southeast Asian archaeology 2016 [Frère, 2018 #22253]
Journal Article 2015 Jones, Sharyn R. Eating identity: an exploration of Fijian foodways in the archaeological past Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Jones, 2015 #26952]
Journal Article 1995 Fizet, Marc Effect of diet, physiology and climate on carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes of collagen in a Late Pleistocene anthropic palaeoecosystem: Marillac, Charente, France Journal of Archaeological Science [Fizet, 1995 #34712]
Journal Article 1991 Ambrose, Stanley H. Effects of diet, climate and physiology on nitrogen isotope abundances in terrestrial foodwebs Journal of Archaeological Science [Ambrose, 1991 #34809]
Journal Article 1995 Ezzo, Joseph A. Elemental signatures of human diets from the Georgia Bight American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Ezzo, 1995 #34714]
Journal Article 1999 Burton, James H. Evaluation of bone strontium as a measure of seafood consumption International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Burton, 1999 #34391]
Journal Article 2017 Cheung, Christina Examining social and cultural differentiation in early Bronze Age China using stable isotope analysis and mortuary patterning of human remains at Xin'anzhuang, <i> Yinxu </i> Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences [Cheung, 2017 #26805]
Journal Article 1991 Krueger, Harold W. Exchange of carbon with biological apatite Journal of Archaeological Science [Krueger, 1991 #34623]
Book Section 1993 Ambrose, Stanley H. Experimental evidence for the relationship of the carbon isotope ratios of whole diet and dietary protein to those of bone collagen and carbonate Prehistoric human bone: archaeology at the molecular level [Ambrose, 1993 #24643]
Journal Article 2003 Fogel, Marilyn L. Extending the limits of paleodietary studies of humans with compound specific carbon isotope analysis of amino acids Journal of Archaeological Science [Fogel, 2003 #31818]
Journal Article 2015 Moore, Darlene R. Foodways in the Mariana Islands: a look at the pre-contact period Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Moore, 2015 #26953]
Journal Article 1978 Robson, J. R. Fruit in the human diet. Fruit in the diet of prehistoric man and of the hunter-gatherer Journal of Human Nutrition [Robson, 1978 #34542]
Book Section 1991 Hastorf, Christine A. Gender, space, and food in prehistory Engendering archaeology: women and prehistory [Hastorf, 1991 #24608]
Journal Article 1993 Lambert, Joseph B. Health in prehistoric populations of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands American Antiquity [Lambert, 1993 #34620]
Journal Article 1996 Wright, Lori E. Human biology in the classic Maya collapse: evidence from paleopathology and paleodiet Journal of World Prehistory [Wright, 1996 #34425]