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Journal Article 1974 Griffin, P. Bion Review of "Food in antiquity" by Don and Patricia Brothwell Asian Perspectives (1973) [Griffin, 1974 #33250]
Book Section in a Series 1975 Wallace, John A. Dietary adaptations of Australopithecus and early Homo Paleoanthropology: morphology and paleoecology [Wallace, 1975 #25991]
Journal Article 1978 Robson, J. R. Fruit in the human diet. Fruit in the diet of prehistoric man and of the hunter-gatherer Journal of Human Nutrition [Robson, 1978 #34542]
Book 1979 Wing, E. S. Paleonutrition: method and theory in prehistoric foodways [Wing, 1979 #21115]
Journal Article 1979 Schoeninger, Margaret J. Diet and status at Chalcatzingo: some empirical and technical aspects of strontium analysis American Journal of Physical Anthropology [Schoeninger, 1979 #34529]
Book Section 1980 Yesner, David R. Nutrition and cultural evolution: patterns in prehistory Nutritional anthropology: contemporary approaches to diet and culture [Yesner, 1980 #24700]
Journal Article 1981 Blakely, R. L. Trace elements, nutritional status, and social stratification at Etowah, Georgia Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences [Blakely, 1981 #34786]
Journal Article 1983 Chisholm, Brian S. Marine and terrestrial protein in prehistoric diets on the British Columbia Coast Current Anthropology [Chisholm, 1983 #34754]
Journal Article 1983 Chisholm, Brian S. Carbon isotope measurement techniques for bone collagen: note for the archaeologist Journal of Archaeological Science [Chisholm, 1983 #34756]
Journal Article 1984 Cai, L. Carbon-l3 evidence for ancient diets in China Kaogu [Cai, 1984 #29914]
Journal Article 1984 Connor, Melissa Diachronic study of Inuit diets utilizing trace element analysis Arctic Anthropology [Connor, 1984 #34747]
Thesis-PhD 1984 Bumsted, Mary Pamela Human variation: delta<sup>13</sup>C in adult bone collagen and the relation to diet in an isochronous C<sub>4</sub> (maize) archaeological population [Bumsted, 1984 #36563]
Book Section 1985 Gilbert, Robert I. Stress, paleonutrition, and trace elements The analysis of prehistoric diets [Gilbert, 1985 #24652]
Book Section 1985 Martin, Debra L. Skeletal pathologies as indicators of quality and quantity of diet The analysis of prehistoric diets [Martin, 1985 #24713]
Journal Article 1985 Sealy, Judith C. Isotope assessment of Holocene human diets in the southwestern Cape South Africa Nature [Sealy, 1985 #34508]
Journal Article 1985 Schoeninger, Margaret J. Stable isotopes in human skeletons of southern Ontario: reconstructing palaeodiet Journal of Archaeological Science [Schoeninger, 1985 #34521]
Journal Article 1985 Hatch, J. W. Status-specific dietary variation in two world cultures Journal of Human Evolution [Hatch, 1985 #34680]
Journal Article 1985 DeNiro, Michael J. Postmortem preservation and alteration of <i>in vivo</i> bone collagen isotope ratios in relation to palaeodietary reconstruction Nature [DeNiro, 1985 #34742]
Journal Article 1986 Ambrose, Stanley H. Reconstruction of African human diet using bone collagen carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios Nature [Ambrose, 1986 #34806]
Book Section 1987 Ambrose, Stanley H. Chemical and isotopic techniques of diet reconstruction in eastern North America Emergent horticultural economies of the eastern woodlands [Ambrose, 1987 #24600]
Journal Article 1987 Fornaciari, G. Palaeonutritional studies on skeletal remains of ancient populations from the Mediterranean area: an attempt to interpretation Anthropologischer Anzeiger [Fornaciari, 1987 #34709]
Book Section 1988 Hastorf, Christine A. The use of paleoethnobotanical data in prehistoric studies of crop production, processing, and consumption Current paleoethnobotany: analytical methods and cultural interpretations of archaeological plant remains [Hastorf, 1988 #24609]
Journal Article 1988 Roksandic, Zarko Comparative analysis of dietary habits between Jomon and Ainu hunter-gatherers from stable carbon isotopes of human bone Journal of the Anthropological Society of Nippon (人類學雜誌) [Roksandic, 1988 #33726]
Journal Article 1988 Minagawa, Masao Jomonjin no Shokuryo sesshu (food consumption of the Jomon population) Iden [Minagawa, 1988 #34585]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Tanso Antei Douitai Hihou ni yoru Kodai Shokusei no Kenkyu (Research on paleodiet by means of stable carbon isotope ratios) Kokogaku to Shizenkagaku [Chisholm, 1988 #34758]
Journal Article 1988 Chisholm, Brian S. Study of paleodiet using stable-carbon isotopic analysis Archaeology and Natural Science [Chisholm, 1988 #34759]
Book 1989 Fogel, M. L. Nitrogen isotope tracers of human lactation in modern and archaeological populations [Fogel, 1989 #21136]
Book Section 1989 Chisholm, Brian S. Variation in diet reconstruction based on stable carbon isotopic evidence The Chemistry of Prehistoric Human Bone [Chisholm, 1989 #24632]
Journal Article 1989 White, Christine D. Ancient Maya diet: as inferred from isotopic and elemental analysis of human bone Journal of Archaeological Science [White, 1989 #34438]
Journal Article 1989 Moore, K. M. Dietary reconstruction from bones treated with preservatives Journal of Archaeological Science [Moore, 1989 #34583]