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Journal Article 1925 Buxton, Leonard Halford Dudley Early man in China Man [Buxton, 1925 #37178]
Journal Article 2020 Zhao, Qingpo New discoveries from the early Late Pleistocene Lingjing site (Xuchang) Quaternary International [Zhao, 2020 #36861]
Journal Article 2018 Wang, Qian The dates of the discovery of the first Peking Man fossil teeth Asian Perspectives [Wang, 2018 #26713]
Journal Article 2018 Hou, Yanfeng The Guandimiao bone assemblage (and what it says about the Shang economy) Asian Perspectives [Hou, 2018 #26712]
Journal Article 2015 Zhou, Ligang Isotopic evidence for the expansion of wheat consumption in northern China Archaeological Research in Asia [Zhou, 2015 #27010]
Journal Article 2016 Owlett, Tricia E. Finding greener pastures: the local development of agro-pastoralism in the Ordos region, north China Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Owlett, 2016 #27481]
Journal Article 2016 Wei Qi, 泥河湾盆地黑土沟遗址 (Heitugou paleolithic site from the lower Pleistocene in the Nihewan Basin, northern China 人类学学报 (Act Anthropologica Sinica) [Wei 2016 #27825]
Journal Article 2015 Li Liu A long process towards agriculture in the Middle Yellow River Valley, China: evidence from macro- and micro-botanical remains Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology [Li 2015 #28041]
Book Section 2009 Linduff, Katheryn M. Production of signature artifacts for the nomad market in the state of Qin during the late Warring States period in China (4th-3rd century BCE) Metallurgy and civilisation: Eurasia and beyond [Linduff, 2009 #22863]
Book in a Series 2009 Shelach, Gideon Prehistoric societies on the northern frontiers of China: archaeological perspectives on identity formation and economic change during the first millennium BCE [Shelach, 2009 #21683]
Journal Article 2007 Webb, John Influences on selection of lithic raw material sources at Huizui, a neolithic/early bronze age site in northern China Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Webb, 2007 #29344]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Shanxi Team, Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences The first discovery of a copper artifact at Taosi, Xiangfen, Shanxi The beginnings of metallurgy in China [Shanxi 2000 #25672]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Institute of the History of Metallurgy, University of Science and Technology, Beijing Metallographic tests on three metal objects found at Dongxiafeng The beginnings of metallurgy in China [Institute 2000 #25670]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Sun Shuyun, Test results on bronzes found at Yinjiacheng (Yueshi culture) in Sishui County, Shandong The beginnings of metallurgy in China [Sun 2000 #25668]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Li Boqian, On Lower Xiajiadian culture The beginnings of metallurgy in China [Li 2000 #25667]
Book Section in a Series 2000 Li Xiuhui, Metallographic analysis of bronzes found at the Zhukaigou site from the early Shang period The beginnings of metallurgy in China [Li 2000 #25666]
Book Section in a Series 2007 Pechenkina, Ekaterina A. Diet and health in the Neolithic of the Wei and middle Yellow River basins, northern China Ancient health: skeletal indicators of agricultural and economic intensification [Pechenkina, 2007 #25688]
Book Section in a Series 2006 Yan Sun, Cultural and political control in north China: style and use of the bronzes of Yan at Liulihe during the early Western Zhou Contact and Exchange in the Ancient World [Yan 2006 #25734]
Book 2001 Debaine-Francfort, C. Keriya, mémoire d'un fleuve. Archéologie et civlisations des oasis de Taklaman [Debaine-Francfort, 2001 #20651]
Journal Article 1985 Binford, Lewis R. Taphonomy at a distance: Zhoukoudian, "The Cave Home of Beijing Man?" Current Anthropology [Binford, 1985 #29951]
Journal Article 1986 Binford, Lewis R. Zhoukoudian: a closer look Current Anthropology [Binford, 1986 #29950]
Book Section 1978 Aigner, Jean S. Important archaeological remains from north China Early paleolithic in South and East Asia [Aigner, 1978 #23958]
Journal Article 1997 Nelson, Sarah M. Hongshan - an early complex society in northeast China Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association [Nelson, 1997 #31753]
Book Section 2002 Guo Ruihai, The Nanzhuangtou and Hutouliang sites: exploring the beginnings of agriculture and pottery in north China The origins of pottery and agriculture [Guo 2002 #24433]
Journal Article 1942 Andersson, J. G. Some fossil mammal localities in northern China Bulletin of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities [Andersson, 1942 #32678]
Journal Article 1994 Shelach, Gideon Social complexity in north China during the early Bronze Age: a comparative study of the Erlitou and lower Xiajiadian cultures Asian Perspectives (1994) [Shelach, 1994 #32879]
Journal Article 1994 Underhill, Anne P. Variations in settlements during the Longshan Period of northern China Asian Perspectives (1994) [Underhill, 1994 #32863]