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BAR Section 1998 Pigott, Vincent C. Mining archaeology in geological context: the prehistoric copper mining complex at Phu Lon, Nong Khai Province, northeast Thailand Metallurgica Antiqua: in honour of Hans-Gert Bachmann and Robert Maddin [Pigott, 1998 #19673]
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Book 1995 Craddock, Paul T. Early metal mining and production [Craddock, 1995 #20801]
Book (Edited) 2003 Craddock, Paul Mining and metal production through the ages [Craddock, 2003 #21494]
Book (Edited) 1998 Knapp, A. Bernard Social approaches to an industrial past [Knapp, 1998 #21604]
Book in a Series 1915 Perry, W. J. Relationship between geographical distribution of megalithic monuments and ancient mines [Perry, 1915 #21697]
Book in a Series 1994 O'Brien, William Mount Gabriel: Bronze Age mining in Ireland [O'Brien, 1994 #21752]
Book in a Series 1967 Hummel, C. L. Geology and mineral deposits of the Phuket mining district, south Thailand [Hummel, 1967 #21758]
Book in a Series (Edited) 1954 Needham, Joseph Chemistry and chemical technology [Needham, 1954 #22031]
Book Section 2015 Anfinset, Nils Documenting copper mining and smelting technology Metals and civilizations [Anfinset, 2015 #22384]
Book Section 1998 Killick, David On the value of mixed methods in studying mining communities Social approaches to an industrial past: the archaeology and anthropology of mining [Killick, 1998 #22436]
Book Section 2014 Stöllner, Thomas R. Methods of mining archaeology (Montanarchäologie) Archaeometallurgy in global perspective: methods and syntheses [Stöllner, 2014 #22772]
Book Section 2003 Miller, D. Indigenous copper mining and smelting in pre-colonial southern Africa Mining and metal production through the ages [Miller, 2003 #23824]
Book Section 1998 Pigott, Vincent C. Prehistoric copper mining in the context of emerging community craft specialisation in northeast Thailand Social approaches to an industrial past: the archaeology and anthropology of mining [Pigott, 1998 #24856]
Book Section 1983 Jackson, Richard Conflicts and coincidences of interest in the exploitation of natural resources: the Ok Tedi mining project, Papua New Guinea Natural resources in tropical countries [Jackson, 1983 #24983]
Conference Paper 2009 Sayavongkhamdy, T. The archaeology of Sepon, Lao PDR: archaeometallurgy, unexploded bombs & collaborations 19th Congress of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association in Hanoi, Vienam, 29th November to 5th December 2009 [Sayavongkhamdy, 2009 #26426]
Electronic Source 1996 U.S. Bureau of Mines, Dictionary of mining, mineral, and related terms [U.S. 1996 #26597]
Journal Article 2016 Shimizu, Naho Trade ceramics recovered from the MMG-LXML Sepon Mining Tenement, Savannakhet Province, the Lao PDR Journal of Southeast Asian Archaeology [Shimizu, 2016 #27414]
Journal Article 2009 Bennett, Anna T. N. Gold in early Southeast Asia ArcheoSciences [Bennett, 2009 #27520]
Journal Article 2014 Tucci, Antonino Ancient copper mining in Laos: heterarchies, incipient states or post-state anarchists? Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology [Tucci, 2014 #28025]
Journal Article 1944 Saurin, E. Les gisements indochinoises de pierres précieuses Bulletin indochinois des Mines et d'Industrie [Saurin, 1944 #28865]
Journal Article 1909 LaTouche, T. D. The silver-lead mines of Bawdwin, northern Shan states Geological Survey of Indian Records [LaTouche, 1909 #29391]
Journal Article 1997 Knapp, A. B. The archaeology and anthropology of mining: social approaches to an industrial past Current Anthropology [Knapp, 1997 #29434]
Journal Article 1990 O'Brien, William Prehistoric copper mining in south-west Ireland: the Mount Gabriel-type mines Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society [O'Brien, 1990 #29759]
Journal Article 1819 Copland, John Accounts of the carnelian mines in the neighbourhood of Baroach Transactions of the Bombay Literary Society [Copland, 1819 #29819]
Journal Article 1975 Colless, B. E. Were the gold mines of ancient Java in Borneo? Brunei Museum Journal [Colless, 1975 #29852]
Journal Article 1998 Nguyen Kim Dung, Nghien cuu ky thuat co trong nhung nam gan day [ Study of ancient technique in recent years] Khao Co Hoc [Nguyen 1998 #30765]
Journal Article 1984 Burton, John Quarrying in a tribal society World Archaeology [Burton, 1984 #35552]
Report 2006 Marutani, Masaharu Final report for economic geology FR-2, sector plan for sustainable development of the mining sector in the Lao PDR [Marutani, 2006 #36155]